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Iowa 15.svg
Iowa Highway 15
Length: 63.56 mi[1] (102.29 km)
Formed: January 1, 1969[2]
South end: IA 3 near Pocahontas
US 18 near Whittemore
IA 9 at Armstrong
North end: MN 15 north of Armstrong
Counties: Pocahontas, Humboldt, Palo Alto, Kossuth, Emmet
Major cities: Rolfe, West Bend, Fenton, Armstrong
Iowa State Highways
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Iowa Highway 15 is a state highway that runs from north to south across the state of Iowa. Highway 15 is a mid sized highway in Iowa, at 63.56 miles (102.29 km) long. The southern terminus of Iowa Highway 15 is east of Pocahontas at an intersection with Iowa Highway 3. The northern terminus of Iowa 15 is at the Minnesota border, where the highway continues north as Minnesota State Highway 15 near Fairmont.


Route description

Iowa Highway 15 begins east of Pocahontas at Iowa Highway 3. It goes north to Rolfe, then begins to go northeast in a stairstep manner until crossing the West Fork of the Des Moines River. It then turns north and passes through West Bend. It continues north to the Whittemore area, where there is a one-mile (1.6 km) overlap with U.S. Highway 18. It goes north to Fenton, then turns west. Near Ringsted, it turns north again, and meets Iowa Highway 9 in Armstrong. After leaving Armstrong going east, it turns north and ends at the Minnesota border.


Iowa Highway 15 was designated as a state highway on 1 January 1969. It had previous been designated Iowa Highway 44.[2].

Major intersections

County Location Mile[3] Roads intersected Notes
Pocahontas Pocahontas 0.0 IA 3 Southern terminus
Humboldt No junctions
Kossuth Whittemore 29.6 US 18 west Southern end of US 18 overlap.
30.6 US 18 east Northern end of US 18 overlap.
Emmet Armstrong 55.0 IA 9 west Southern end of IA 9 overlap.
55.1 IA 9 east Northern end of IA 9 overlap.
63.56 MN 15 Northern terminus.

South Route

Iowa 15.svg
Iowa Highway 15
Existed: 1 January 1969–1 July 2003
South end: Route 15
North end: IA 2
Replaced by: Van Buren CR V56
Iowa State Highways
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Prior to July 1, 2003, there was a second Iowa 15 in southern Iowa. That route extended from Iowa Highway 2 to the Missouri state line where it became Route 15. Iowa 15 was replaced by Van Buren County Road V56 and is signed as 'To Missouri 15' at the intersection with Iowa 2[4]


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