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Iowa Highway 2
Length: 258.51 mi[1] (416.03 km)
West end: N-2 at Nebraska City, NE
I-29 near Nebraska City, NE

US 71 at Clarinda
I-35 near Decatur City
US 65 near Humeston
US 63 at Bloomfield
US 218 / IA 27 at Donnellson
US 61 at Fort Madison

East end: IL 9 at Fort Madison
Counties: Fremont, Page, Taylor, Ringgold, Decatur, Wayne, Appanoose, Davis, Van Buren, Lee
Major cities: Sidney, Shenandoah, Clarinda, Bedford, Mount Ayr, Leon, Corydon, Centerville, Bloomfield, Donnellson, Fort Madison
Iowa State Highways
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Iowa Highway 2 is a state highway that runs from east to west across the southernmost tier of counties in the state of Iowa. Highway 2 is a long state highway in Iowa, at 258.51 miles (416.03 km) long. The western terminus of Iowa Highway 2 is at the Missouri River at the Nebraska City Bridge west of Sidney and just east of Nebraska City, Nebraska. The eastern terminus of Iowa 2 is at the Mississippi River at the Fort Madison Toll Bridge in Fort Madison.


Route description

Iowa Highway 2 begins at the Nebraska City Bridge just east of Nebraska City, Nebraska. It goes northeast and then east as an expressway until meeting Interstate 29. It then continues east as a two-lane highway until meeting U.S. Highway 275 and turning north. It continues north, bypassing Sidney with U.S. 275, and turning east east of Sidney. It goes east and meets U.S. 59 at Shenandoah and then U.S. 71 at Clarinda, which is served with Business Route 2. It continues east through New Market and meets Iowa Highway 148 at Bedford. After intersecting Iowa Highway 25 east of Bedford, it passes through Benton before beginning an overlap with U.S. Highway 169 through Mount Ayr. After passing through Kellerton, Iowa 2 intersects Interstate 35 at Decatur City.

Iowa Highway 2 continues east through Decatur City and meets U.S. Highway 69 in Leon. It continues east and intersects U.S. Highway 65 before entering Corydon, where it intersects Iowa Highway 14. After passing through Promise City, it goes through Centerville, where it intersects Iowa Highway 5. It later intersects Iowa Highway 202 near Moulton and then begins a concurrency with U.S. Highway 63 which ends in Bloomfield.

After Bloomfield, Iowa Highway 2 turns southeasterly to pass through Pulaski, Milton, and Cantril, then turns briefly northeast. It turns east, intersects Iowa Highway 1 south of Keosauqua, then turns southeast towards Farmington. At Farmington, Iowa 2 meets Iowa Highway 81 and crosses the Des Moines River. It continues east and meets U.S. Highway 218 and Iowa Highway 27 at Donnellson. From there, it then meets U.S. Highway 61 and they overlap into Fort Madison. At Fort Madison, the overlap ends and Iowa 2 ends when it crosses the Fort Madison Toll Bridge to enter Illinois.


Clarinda business loop

Iowa Highway 2 Business
Location Clarinda

Iowa Highway 2 Business begins at the western edge of Clarinda on an old alignment of Iowa 2. It follows State Street east into Clarinda. At 16th Street (Glenn Miller Avenue), IA 2 Bus. heads south until its junction with US 71 Business. Both routes follow Washington Street east towards US 71. Iowa 2 Business follows US 71 south to IA 2 to complete the business loop.


The current Iowa Highway 2 is the second state highway to be designated Iowa Highway 2. The first instance existed from 1920 to 1939, and was an east–west route across the southern part of Iowa, beginning at Council Bluffs, passing through Des Moines and Oskaloosa and ending at the eastern border of Iowa in Davenport. Later, it followed a more direct route between Council Bluffs and Oskaloosa which bypassed Des Moines. Various segments of that version of Iowa 2 are now U.S. 6, Iowa Highway 163 and Iowa Highway 92.

The current Iowa Highway 2 route was designated in 1941, serving as a replacement for the original Iowa Highway 3.

The segment west of Interstate 29 was constructed as an expressway in 1986 with the plan of connecting Lincoln, Nebraska with Interstate 29 using a divided highway.

Major intersections

County Location Mile Roads intersected Notes
Fremont   0.00 N-2
  3.24 I-29
Waubonsie State Park 8.73 CR L48 Former IA 239
Riverton 10.59 US 275 south / CR J46 east CR J46 is former IA 42
Sidney 14.83 US 275 north (Illinois Street)
Page Shenandoah 28.70 US 59
Clarinda 45.75
IA 2 Bus. east (State Street)
US 71 south (Glenn Miller Avenue) / US 71 Bus.
US 71 north / IA 2 Bus. west
Taylor Bedford 66.44 IA 148 (Madison Avenue)
67.44 CR N44 Former IA 49 north
Ringgold Benton 82.55 IA 25 north
Mount Ayr 93.21 US 169 south
95.55 US 169 north (Cleveland Street)
Decatur Decatur City 116.05 I-35
Leon 120.38 US 69 south (Lorraine Street)
121.05 US 69 north (Church Street)
Garden Grove 129.44 CR R69 Former IA 204
Wayne Humeston 134.46 US 65
Allerton 141.54 CR S26 Former IA 40
Corydon 144.07 IA 14 north
Seymour 154.27 CR S60 Former IA 55
Appanoose Plano 158.56 CR S70 Former IA 142
Centerville 168.08 IA 5 (18th Street)
Moulton 178.67 IA 202 south
Davis West Grove 187.88 US 63 south
Bloomfield 192.72 US 63 north (Washington Street)
Van Buren Milton 207.99 CR V56 Formerly the southern portion of IA 15
Keosauqua 220.05 IA 1 north
Farmington 232.14 IA 81 south
Lee Donnellson 243.23 US 218 / IA 27
Fort Madison 252.38 US 61 south
256.22 CR J40 Former IA 103
258.13 US 61 north (2nd Street)
258.51 IL 9 east Eastern terminus


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