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Iowa 64.svg
Iowa Highway 64
Length: 64.26 mi[1] (103.4 km)
West end: US 151 in Anamosa
US 61 in Maquoketa
US 67 near Sabula
US 52 near Sabula
East end: US 52 / IL 64 at Savanna
Counties: Jones, Jackson
Major cities: Anamosa, Wyoming, Monmouth, Baldwin, Maquoketa, Preston, Miles, Sabula
Iowa State Highways
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Iowa Highway 64 is a state highway that runs from east to west across east central Iowa. Iowa 64 is approximately 64 miles (103 km) long and traverses two counties in east central Iowa. The eastern terminus of Iowa 64 is at the Savanna-Sabula Bridge over the Mississippi River near Sabula where it meets Illinois Route 64. The western terminus of Iowa 64 is at its interchange with U.S. Highway 151 at Anamosa.[2]


Route description

Iowa Highway 64 begins at U.S. Route 151 in Anamosa and proceeds eastward for 8 miles (13 km) and meets Iowa Highway 38. Iowa 38 overlaps Iowa 64 for the next 2 miles (3.2 km) before splitting off to the north. Iowa 64 continues east for another 5 miles (8.0 km) and arrives in the town of Wyoming. Upon arriving in Wyoming, Iowa 64 meets with another north–south state highway, this time Iowa Highway 136. At the eastern end of Wyoming, Iowa 64/Iowa 136 come to a T intersection where the original stretch of Iowa 64 comes to an end. Iowa 136 splits off to the south, while Iowa 64 splits off to the north very briefly before curving eastbound once again. Five miles (8.04 km) after leaving Wyoming, Iowa 64 enters Jackson County. Iowa 64 passes through the small towns of Monmouth and Baldwin and bypasses the village of Nashville before arriving in Maquoketa, the seat of Jackson County.

Iowa Highway 64 intersects U.S. Route 61 in western Maquoketa. The stretch of Iowa 64 between US 61 and Main Street in Maquoketa is a part of U.S. Route 61 Business. At the eastern city limits of Maquoketa, Iowa 64 intersects with Iowa Highway 62 which heads north-northeast from Maquoketa towards Bellevue. After Maquoketa, Iowa 64 continues east through rolling farmland before descending into the Goose Lake Channel[3][4] and intersects Jackson County Route Z20, formerly Iowa Highway 113, near Spragueville. Iowa 64 leaves the Goose Lake Channel east of Preston.

About 7 miles (11 km) after the town of Miles, Iowa Highway 64 meets U.S. Route 67, which joins Iowa 64 from the south for its last half-mile (0.80 km). US 67 ends at the intersection with U.S. Route 52 west of Sabula. Iowa 64 and US 52 overlap each other for their last 4 miles (6.4 km) in Iowa. Before entering Sabula, US 52/IA 64 cross the Mississippi River backwater Sabula Lakes causeway. North of Sabula, the US 52/IA 64 causeway divides the Mississippi River from Sheepshead Bay, another backwater area. At this point, US 52/IA 64, directionally signed south and east, respectively, are heading north. US 52/IA 64 turn east and cross the main channel of the Mississippi River on the Savanna-Sabula Bridge, becoming U.S. Route 52/Illinois Route 64. Immediately after entering Illinois at Savanna, US 52/IL 64 intersect Illinois Route 84.

Major intersections

County Location Mile[1] Roads intersected Notes
Jones Anamosa 0.00 US 151 Western terminus
Center Junction 7.76 IA 38 south
9.77 IA 38 north
Wyoming 14.22 IA 136 north (Madison Street)
15.19 IA 136 south (Isabell Street)
Jackson Maquoketa 32.75 US 61
34.59 IA 62 north (Ansel Briggs Highway)
Spragueville 47.07 CR Z20 Former IA 113 north
Sabula 60.03 US 67 south
60.49 US 52 north / US 67 south US 67 ends
64.26 US 52 east / IL 64 Eastern terminus

Link with Chicago

Illinois Route 64 continues eastbound after the Mississippi River and Savanna, Illinois, and traverses all the way across the northern part of the state to Chicago. Illinois 64 and U.S. 52 continue to overlap until they reach the town of Brookville at which point Illinois 64 continues off to the east and U.S. 52 southbound veers off to the right or southeast and eventually ends up in the southern suburbs of Chicago, particularly Joliet. Illinois 64 actually goes into the city of Chicago itself. In the city of Chicago, Illinois 64 is named North Avenue for most of the way through the city until it makes its way towards Lake Michigan. As soon as it reaches Lincoln Park, Illinois 64 turns left onto LaSalle Drive, and then veers off to the east, towards the lakefront, where it meets Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, also known as U.S. Highway 41, and that interchange is the eastern terminus of Illinois 64. Although Iowa 64 and Illinois 64 provide Eastern Iowans and Northwestern Illinoisans a direct link to Chicago, particularly the ones who live on or near Highway 64, it is not known how many people actually take the whole stretch of Highway 64 all the way to Chicago nowadays with the existence of the interstate system. Many of those residents probably eventually take Interstate 88 somewhere in Northern Illinois.


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