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Iranian Highflying Tumbler
Conservation Status Common
US Breed Group Flying

The Iranian Highflying Tumbler is a breed of domestic pigeon bred in Iran for endurance flying competitions. The tumbling is nothing like a Birmingham Roller, just a flip, occasionally hovering before it does the flip.

The best birds tend to rise above the rest of the kit to show off their talents. The flying characteristic of the Iranian Highflyer is that of a soaring/hovering bird (as opposed to the raking flying style of for instance the Tippler), with a slower wing beat than most flying breeds of pigeons. They are endurance flyers gaining altitude quickly, and have been reported to fly as long as 8 to 12 hours.

An Iranian Highflyer hen (ghara)

The Iranian Highfiyer comes in various patterns and colors.


"The Iranian Highflyer" by Dale Cates

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