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The Iraqi Accord Front or Iraqi Accordance Front (Arabic: جبهة التوافق العراقية) also known as Tawafuq is an Iraqi political coalition created on October 26, 2005 to contest the December 2005 general election. The party's members are mostly Sunni-Arabs, and its political efforts have largely been focused on protecting this community's interests. In the 2005 election, its platform called for ending the US occupation of Iraq, revision of the new Iraqi constitution, repeal of the de-Baathification laws that had cost many Sunni-Arabs their government jobs and the restoration of the Iraqi Army, which was dissolved after the US overthrow of Saddam Hussein and which had a Sunni-Arab dominated officer corps.[1]



The Accordance Front was initially led by Adnan al-Dulaimi of the General Council for the People of Iraq. Ayad al-Samarrai replaced Adnan al-Dulaimi as leader in July 2007.[2] In May 2009 Harith al-Obeidi was elected leader but was assassinated by terrorists weeks later.[3]


In April 2007, Taha al-Liheibi a member of the Accordance Front was injured in the Green Zone in Baghdad.[4]

The Accordance Front withdrew from Nouri al-Maliki's government in August 2007 but rejoined in April 2008.[5]

In December 2008 the Iraqi National Dialogue Council withdrew from the Accordance Front.[6]

December 2005 Parliamentary Election

In the December 2005 parliamentary election the Accordance Front consisted of:



The Accordance Front received 15.1% of the vote and 44 out of 275 seats, coming third overall to the United Iraqi Alliance and the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan.

March 2010 Parliamentary Election

In the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary election, 2010 the Accordance Front consists of:[7][8]

  • Iraqi Islamic Party - led by Osama Tawfiq al-Tikriti after Tariq al-Hashimi left
  • General Council for the People of Iraq - led by Khaled al-Baraa after Adnan al-Dulaimi was banned
  • Turkmen Justice Party - led by Hassan Tawran
  • Independent candidates, including Taiseer Mashhadani, Salim Jabbouri and Mutshar Aliawi


Governorate Percentage Seats Won Total Seats
Anbar 14
Babil 16
Baghdad 68
Basra 24
Dhi Qar 18
Diyala 13
Duhok 10
Erbil 14
Karbala 10
Kirkuk 12
Maysan 10
Muthanna 7
Najaf 12
Ninawa 31
Qādisiyyah 11
Salah ad-Din 12
Sulaymaniyah 17
Wassit 11
Compensatory seats 7
Minorities 8
Total: 325



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