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Governorate council elections were held in Iraq on 30 January 2005, the same day as the elections for the transitional Iraqi National Assembly. Each province has a 41-member council, except for Baghdad, whose council has 51 members.

Map showing the party which won the most seats in each governorate

A summary of the results by governorate was:




Governorate Governor Party
al-Anbar Maamoon Sami Rasheed al-Alwani IIP
Arbil Nawzad Hadi Mawlood KDP
Babil Salem al-Saleh Meslmawe SCIRI
Baghdad Hussain al-Tahan SCIRI
Basra Muhammad al-Waili Fadhila
Dahuk Tamar Ramadan KDP
Dhi Qar Aziz Kadum Alwan al-Ogheli SCIRI
Diyala Hameed al-Mula al-Tamimi Badr
Karbala Uqeil al-Khazaali SCIRI
Kirkuk Abdul Rahman Mustafa PUK
Maysan Adil Mahwadar Radi Sadrists
al-Muthanna Muhammad Ali Hassan Abbas al-Hassani SCIRI
Najaf Asaad Abu Gilel al-Taie SCIRI
Ninawa Usama Yousif Kashmula Independent
al-Qadisiyyah Khalil Jalil Hamza SCIRI
Salah ad-Din Hamed Hamood Shekti al-Qaisi unknown
as Sulaymaniyah Dana Ahmed Majid PUK
Wassit Latif Hamid Turfa Sadrists

Al-Anbar Governorate

The council elected Maamoon Sami Rasheed al-Awani as governor.

Babil Governorate

  • 25 - Faithful Iraqis Association (SCIRI)
  • 6 - Al-Rasul Association
  • 6 - Imam Ali Society
  • 2 - Security & Reconstruction
  • 2 - Babil Indepentent Association

The council elected Salem al-Saleh Meslmawe as the governor.

Baghdad Governorate

List Parties Votes Seats
Baghdad Nation SCIRI
Badr Organisation
694,800 28
Baghdad Peace Islamic Dawa Party
Islamic Dawa Iraq
264,130 11
Fadhila 156,229 6
National Democratic Alliance 46,265 2
Iraqi Communist Party 36,713 2
National Independent Cadres and Elites Sadr Movement 35,441 1
Independent al-Baya Gathering 34,366 1
Total 1,750,772 51

The council elected SCIRI member, Hussain al-Tahan as governor.

Basra Governorate

The council elected Fadhila member Mohammed al-Waili as governor. In April 2007, SIIC successfully brought a no-confidence motion against Waili. This dismissal was ratified by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in July. [1]

Dhi Qar Governorate

The council elected Aziz Kadum Alwan al-Ogheli, a SCIRI member, as governor.

Diyala Governorate

List Parties Votes Seats
Coalition of Islamic & National Forces in Diyala SCIRI
Islamic Dawa Party
84,390 20
Iraqi Islamic Party 55,960 14
Kurdish Arabic Turkmen Democratic Coalition - Diyala Governorate KDP
30,268 7
Total 210,574 41

The council elected Ra'ad Hameed Al-Mula Jowad Al-Tamimi, a Badr Brigades leader, as governor.[2]

Karbala Governorate

  • 21 - Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
  • 5 - Islamic Virtue Party
  • 2 - Democratic Meeting for Holy Karbala
  • 2 - Democratic Progressive Gathering
  • 2 - Independent Council of Tribal Shaykhs & Notables of Karbala Governorate
  • 2 - Independent Intellectuals Gathering
  • 2 - Independent Unified List for the Governorate of Holy Karbala
  • 2 - Iraqi Democratic Current
  • 2 - Shi’ite Political Council
  • 1 - Dr. Abbas al-Hasnawi

The council elected SCIRI member Uqeil al-Khazaali as governor.

Kirkuk Governorate

The council re-elected Abdulrahman Mustapha Fatah as governor, who had served since the 2003 invasion of Iraq [3]

Maysan Governorate

Adel Mahudar Radi, a former Mahdi Army commander, was elected governor. [4]

Muthanna Governorate

The Governorate Council elected SCIRI member Mohammed Ali al-Hasani as the provincial Governor, and an Islamic Dawa Party member, Ahmad Marzouq Salal as the council president. al-Hasani was assassinated in August 2007 in an attack blamed on the Mahdi Army, and the council elected Marzouq his successor, with an SCIRI member becoming the council president. [6]

Najaf Governorate

The council elected SCIRI member Asaad Abu Gilel al-Taie as governor.

Ninawa Governorate

The council voted for the independent Sunni Arab, Duraid Mohammed Kashmula, to continue as governor. His brother, Usama Yousif Kashmula, had been appointed as governor of Ninawa Governorate in 2003 by the Coalition Provisional Authority, and Duraid succeeded Usama after he was assassinated in July 2004. [7]

Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate

The Governorate Council chose SCIRI members Khalil Jalil Hamza as the governor and Sheikh Hamid al-Khodari as council president. Hamza was assassinated in August 2007 in an attack blamed on the Mahdi Army.[8] al-Khodari was elected to replace Hamza as governor. [9]

Salah ad Din Governorate

List Parties Total Votes Seats
List of the Unified Democratic Coalition in Salah al-Din Governorate Kurdistan Democratic Party
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
22,160 8
Liberation & Reconciliation Gathering 17,017 6
Coalition for Iraqi National Unity 13,321 5
Iraqi Turkmen Front 14,917 5
Unified List 12,815 4
Iraqi National Accord Iraqi Islamic Party
Iraqi National Dialogue Council
10,215 3
Islamic Da'awa Party 8,691 3
National Iraqi Gathering 8,641 3
Gathering of Independents in Salah al-Din 4,739 2
National al-Risaliya List Sadrist Movement 6,133 2
Total 137,476 41

The council elected Hamed Hamood Shekti al-Qaisi as governor.

Wasit Governorate

List Parties Votes Seats
Iraqi Elites Gathering Sadr Movement 185,813 31
Shi'ite Political Council SCIRI
22,346 4
Gathering of the Independents in Wasit 16,518 3
Iraqi Communist Party 12,780 2
Democratic Iraq Gathering 9,010 1
Total 324,678 41

The council elected Latif Hamid Turfa, a Sadrist, as governor.

Iraqi Kurdistan region

Map showing which party won most votes in which each province

Arbil Governorate

Party Total votes Seats
Kurdistan Democratic Party 347,772 23
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 244,343 16
Islamic Union of Kurdistan 22,523 1
Islamic Group of Kurdistan 18,781 1
Other parties 14,575 0
Total votes 647,994 41

The council voted for Kurdistan Democratic Party member Nawzad Hadi Mawlood to become governor. [10]

Dahuk Governorate

Party Total votes Seats
Kurdistan Democratic Party 302,133 33
Islamic Union of Kurdistan 35,675 4
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 35,483 4
Other parties 9,974 0
Total votes 383,265 41

The council elected KDP member Tamar Ramadan as governor.

As Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Party Total votes Seats
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 485,718 28
Kurdistan Democratic Party 91,578 5
Islamic Union of Kurdistan 75,008 5
Islamic Group of Kurdistan 53,088 3
Kurdistan Communist Party 8,192 0
Other parties 17,739 0
Total votes 731,323 41

The council elected PUK member Dana Ahmed Majid as governor.


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