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ircII connected to #7chan
Developer(s) ircII project
Stable release 20081115  (2008-11-15; 13 months ago) [+/−]
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Type IRC client
License Revised BSD license
Website ircII homepage

ircII (pronounced irc-two) is a free, open-source Unix IRC client written in C. It is the oldest IRC client still maintained. Its initial release was in the late 1980s, soon after the creation of IRC. Several other UNIX IRC clients, including BitchX, EPIC, and ScrollZ, were originally forks of ircII. The client for some is considered to have set the standard of quality for IRC clients, however other clients may have overtaken ircII in recent years in terms of popularity.[1] The application has been promoted as being "fast, stable, lightweight, portable, and easily backgrounded".[2]

ircII has been written to run in a text-only environment. The application has no sounds, menus, pop-ups, or any other graphics-related features that other IRC clients typically have, such as mIRC.[3]


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