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Istimna (استمناء) is the Arabic term for masturbation.


Schools of thought

It is completely forbidden in the Shi'a sect[1], but the four Sunni schools of jurisprudence (known as Madhaahib - the Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki and Hambali schools of Fiqh) have differing stances on the issue. Some consider it forbidden in all cases. Some see it forbidden in certain cases but permissible in others[2]. Some believe that masturbation may possibly only be done in fear of committing adultery, nor is it preferred (getting married or fasting are suggested as alternatives in the hadith). Another view is that it is Makruh but not expressly forbidden. Scholars of Islam do not approve of masturbation, except in extenuating circumstances. Some scholars state that masturbation is permissible only if one is unmarried or is unable to marry, or to avoid fornication.


At least one Islamic legal tradition forbids masturbation on the authority of an Ayah of the Quran which indicates that those who seek sexual gratification from other than their legal sexual partners are transgressing set limits. This is likely misinterpreted to refer not only to adultery but to masturbation as well.

Those of the view that it is Haram:

Some have quoted one (1) narration from Ahmad ibn Hanbal [3]


Ibn Kathir, a 14th century Sunni Islamic scholar that Imaam Shaafi'i and those who have agreed with him have concluded that masturbation is Haram from the above verse. He says [3]:

Masturbation is excluded from these two types which Allah has made Halaal, viz. wives and slave-girls.

Under the exegis of this verse, Qadi Thanaullah Panipati writes [3]:

Imam Baghawi has deduced from this Aayat that masturbation is Haram.


Some hadith that are quoted to in support of masturbation being Haram include:

Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari includes [3]:

Ibn Kathir has wrote in volume 5 p. 458 [3]:

It is worth pointing out that Ibn Kathir's works are an interpretative commentary and not a part of the Quran itself.

This is a Daeef(Weak) Hadith[4]

Other quoted material include from Tafsir al-Mazhari vol. 12 p. 94[3]:

Quoted from those after the Sahaba


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