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Islamic religious police may refer to any of these organizations:


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Religious police (aka clerical police, morality police, moral police, or sex police) are groups that are funded, legally authorized, and/or recognized by a government, frequently a theocracy, to enforce morality. Mutaween or hisbah groups are the religious police who enforce sharia law within Islamic theocracies.



  • Maybe God isn't the sex police, Richard. Sometimes I think Christians get all hung up on the sex thing because it's easier to worry about sex than to ask yourself, am I a good person? […] It makes it easy to be cruel, because as long as you're not fucking around, nothing you do can be that bad. Is that really all you think of God?
    • Anita Blake, to Richard Zeeman
    • Laurell K. Hamilton (June 2007). "chapter 44". The Harlequin (1st edition ed.). Berkley Books. pp. pp. 391-392. ISBN 978-0-425-21724-5.  

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