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In Islam, Isaac/Ishaq (circa 1761 BC - 1638 BC?)[1][2] Ishaq (Isaac) is known as an appointed prophet of God. He is the second son of Ebrahim (Abraham) from his wife Sarah and his birth occurred after Ebrahim (Abraham) and his wife left their pagan people who worshipped Idols.Ishaq (Isaac) was born after Ismail (Ishmael) a miraculous birth when Sarah was old and barren.Angels who came in human shape visited Ebrahim (Abraham) .He invited them inside his house and was very welcoming.Ebrahim (Abraham) offered them some food to eat but they refused to eat.They told him that they were Angels on their way to destroy the people of Lut (Lot) .Ebrahim (Abraham) was worried for Lut (Lot) but the angels told him that he shall be informed to run away before his people will receive their Judgment from God.Both Prophets are Praised and Respected by Muslims for their important roles.

The Qur'an states that Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son. The son is not however named in the Qur’an (37:102–113).In early Islam, there was a dispute over the identity of the son. However, Some Muslim scholars came to endorse that it was Ishmael but some others notably Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari who was the most famous and most praised as well as one of the first exegesis writers of the Quran stated that it was clearly Isaac and not Ishmael. The argument of those early scholars who believed it was Isaac rather than Ishmael (notably Ibn Ḳutayba, and al-Ṭabarī) was that "God's perfecting his mercy on Abraham and Isaac” (12:16). Referred to his making Abraham his friend and saving him from the burning bush, and to his rescuing Isaac. The birth of Isaac happened after Abraham left his people and asked for a child (37:99–113).many might say it was Ishmael but in other verses and instances the Quran once again tells the story this time stating that after Abraham left his people Isaac was given to him (37:99–113), so it is that after Abraham left his pagan people the birth of Isaac was said to him by three angels who were on their way to destroy the people of Lot and nowhere in the Quran or Islamic tradition does it say that the birth of Ishmael had a relation with the three angels nor was it miraculous like Isaac's and most importantly the Quran clearly explains that the birth of Isaac was when Abraham left his pagan people and the Quran mentioned Isaac by name to prove so in (19:49–113).so the conclusion is according to the Quran the verses that talk about the sacrifice of Abraham's son clearly says that Abraham left his people and a un-named son was given to him (19:113–113). And later on that son was to be sacrificed, so to prove that son was Isaac and not Ishmael are the verses mentioned earlier which talk about Abraham given Isaac when Abraham left his pagan people to live alone (37:99–113).Another argument supporting that Isaac was the son to be sacrificed is the verses that state Abraham sacrificed his son after that son had grown with him (37:102–113).

The Qur'an portrays Isaac as a righteous prophet calling him (ghulam Aleem) as well as (ghulam Haleem) meaning a great smart son Qur'an also describes Isaac as a righteous servant of God. The Qur'an states that Isaac and his progeny are blessed as long as they uphold their covenant with God.




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