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Zakariyya (Arabic: زكريا‎), (circa 100 BC - 20 AD)[1][2] the New Testament priest Zechariah or Zacharias, is one of the prophets mentioned in the Qur'an.


In the Qur'an

The tomb of Zechariah within Great Mosque of Aleppo in Syria.

According to the Qur'an, Zakariya is the guardian of Mary, the Mother of Isa. The Qur'an states: 3:35-37

[35] Remember when the wife of Imran said, 'My Lord, I have vowed to Thee what is in my womb to be dedicated to Thy service. So do Thou accept it of me; verily Thou alone art All-Hearing, All-Knowing.'
[36] But when she was delivered of it, she said, 'My Lord, I am delivered of a female', - and Allah knew best of what she was delivered and the male she desired to have was not like the female she was delivered of - 'and I have named her Mary, and I commit her and her offspring to Thy protection from Satan, the rejected.
[37] So her Lord accepted her with gracious acceptance and caused her to grow an excellent growth and made Zakariya her guardian. Whenever Zakariya visited her in the chamber, he found with her provisions. He said, 'O Mary whence hast thou this?' She replied, 'It is from Allah'. Surely, Allah gives to whomsoever He pleases without measure.

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