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Systematic (IUPAC) name
CAS number 71-81-8
ATC code A03AB09
PubChem 3775
Chemical data
Formula C 23H33N2O1 + 
Mol. mass 353.52092 g/mol
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability  ?
Metabolism  ?
Half life  ?
Excretion  ?
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.  ?
Legal status  ? (US) Unscheduled
Routes Oral

Isopropamide is a long-acting anticholinergic drug. It is used in the treatment of peptic ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders involving hyperacidity (gastrointestinal acidosis) and hypermotility. Chemically, it contains a quaternary ammonium group. It is most often provided as an iodide salt, but is also available as a bromide or chloride salt. It was discovered at Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1954.


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  • Boss EG Jr, Buchanan GC, Effect of isopropamide iodide on basal gastric secretion in the human, Gastroenterology. 1957 Nov;33(5):730-6.


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