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Back yard view of Engr Onuoha
Isuikwuato is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°32′N 7°29′E / 5.533°N 7.483°E / 5.533; 7.483
Country Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria
State Abia State

Isuikwuato is a local government area in Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. It has an estimated population of 50,000 people. It is known as the people of strength.

Isuikwuato is a land of many natural resources like Iron ore, Kaolin etc.[1] Oil lines flow throw Isuikwuato and there have been cases of burst pipe which have had severe effects on the local economy and environment. The major cash crop is palm oil while cassava follows[2]

Isuikwuato is also home to Abia State University Uturu.

Isuikwuato is made up of three distinct parts or unions,namely, Imenyi, Amawu and Oguduasaa. These are three brothers of the same father called Obiangwu the founder of the people. Isuikwuato actually means 'Three Trader Brothers. Imenyi was the frist born, while Awu came second and Ogudu came third but from the same mother with Imenyi.

Isuikwuato shares more in common with Nkpa, Akoli Imenyi, Uzuakoli and neighbouring communities than with Okigwe people with whom the colonial masters forced them to be administered.

Oguduasa has the largest population and communities followed by Amawu. Isuikwutao shares boundaries with Umuahia, Item, Okigwe, etc.

It topography is undulating with hills, gullies and streams like Eze Iyi.

Notable people from Isuikwuato

Ike Nwachukwu who, among other positions, served as Foreign Minister of Nigeria twice; and as a Senator in the National Assembly delegation from Abia State as well as The Military Governor of the Old Imo State. Ndubisi Kanu, who was one-time Military Governor and activist is also from this Area. Chinweizu, a scholar of international repute is also from Isuikwuato. The place has also produced notable footballers like Kelechi Emetole. The international model Oluchi Onweagba is also from Isuikwuato.

Isuikwuato people are predominantly Christians. Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists dominate other denominations but others such as Assemblies of God has made inroad into the place. The Isuikwuato Christian Organisation (ISUCCO) has helped to evangelise the communities.

Mr. Lambert Ndukwe who was one of the richest men in Nigeria in 1950's, known for stock fish importation from Norway and cotton exportation to Europe is from Isuikwuato.[3]


Coordinates: 5°32′N 7°29′E / 5.533°N 7.483°E / 5.533; 7.483



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