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It's About Time
Studio album by Jonas Brothers
Released August 8, 2006 (U.S.)
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Pop, teen pop, post-grunge
Label Columbia
Producer Michael Mangini, Steve Greenberg
Professional reviews
Jonas Brothers chronology
It's About Time
Jonas Brothers
Singles from It's About Time
  1. "Mandy"
    Released: December 27, 2005

It's About Time is the debut studio album from the Jonas Brothers. It was released in August 8, 2006 on Columbia Records. The album was successful in the Christian genre[citation needed] and was released in Christian bookstores through INO Records.[1] [2][3] Later an amended version of the album was released through Daylight Records with three songs removed and replaced by three others. A DualDisc of this version of the album was also released.

The album is currently out of print, and copies of it are rare and bring high prices, but both versions can be available on eBay and on digital download.[citation needed]

One of the songs on the album, "Time For Me To Fly", was featured in the film "Aquamarine" in 2006.[4]

"Mandy" was the first single and was released in the American on December 27, 2005. The song had a 3 part video and rose to #4 on TRL.[citation needed] The song was written about a friend and was featured on Zoey 101: Music Mix, the soundtrack for the show, Zoey 101, and featured in the TV movie, Spring Break-Up.

After Columbia Records dropped the group from their roster list, they signed with Hollywood. Hollywood received the rights to distribute the single "Year 3000" which was also released on the group's first Hollywood Records album.


Music videos

Episode 1: (Filmed at Pasadena High School in Pasadena, California). The school bell rings and everyone leaves. Nick notices Mandy has dropped her phone. He picks it up and rushes through the hallway. In the parking lot he sees Mandy with her boyfriend (played by Roderick Galloway) and his friends. Nick runs up and gives Mandy her phone. He is walking home from school when Mandy's boyfriend sees him and chases him down the street.

Episode 2: Nick runs onto the sidewalk and Mandy's boyfriend gets out of the car to look for him. They give up looking and then see Nick in a car with his brother's Joe and Kevin. They drive by laughing. Later that night, Mandy and her boyfriend are at the prom and are announced as king and queen of the prom. The Brothers are also there. She tries to leave but her boyfriend grabs her and kisses her on the lips. She pulls away and runs outside and sees the Brothers. They give her a ride home. Her boyfriend watches them drive off. She walks in her house and she and her dad start fighting. Mandy runs out and her boyfriend and his friends pull up beside the Brothers and Mandy is unsure what to do.

Episode 3: The next day Mandy is in her boyfriend's car. Her boyfriend is crushing a mailbox with a baseball bat. At school, Mandy returns a necklace to her boyfriend, and appears to be breaking up with him. She walks off and finds Joe and Nick sitting by a tree. She goes to them and they start talking. Her ex-boyfriend sees this and goes up to them. Mandy runs off to find Kevin. Mandy and Kevin get in his car and ride to where Nick and Joe are. Nick and Joe get in the car and speed off. The Brothers pick up two more girls and they all wave to Mandy's ex-boyfriend. They all go to a building where the Brothers play the song. The episode ends with "The End?".


On November 5, 2005, Jonas Brothers began their first tour in support of the album. A second tour, Jonas Brothers American Club Tour promoted abstinence from illegal drugs, supported by fellow musician, Jen Marks.[5] The tour consisted of gigs in clubs, and with small crowds. The tour started on January 28, 2006 and ended on March 3, 2006 with a total of 28 shows.


Track listing

1. "What I Go to School For" (Busted cover w/ rewrite) - 3:33

2. "Time for Me to Fly" (Re-recorded version)- 3:05

3. "Year 3000" (Busted cover) - 3:20

4. "One Day at a Time" - 3:55

5. "6 Minutes" (LFO cover w/ rewrite)- 3:06

6. "Mandy" - 2:48

7. "You Just Don't Know It" - 3:38

8. "I Am What I Am" - 2:10

9. "Underdog" - 3:16

10. "7:05" - 3:48

11. "Please Be Mine" - 3:14




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