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It's a Boy Girl Thing
Directed by Nick Hurran
Produced by Steve Hamilton Shaw
David Furnish
Martin F. Katz
Written by Geoff Deane
Starring Samaire Armstrong
Kevin Zegers
Sherry Miller
Robert Joy
Sharon Osbourne
Maury Chaykin
Brooke D'Orsay
Emily Hampshire
Genelle Williams
Mpho Koaho
Distributed by Icon Entertainment
Release date(s) United Kingdom
December 26, 2006
(Theatrical Premiere)
May 21, 2007
(DVD Premiere)
April 9, 2008
(DVD Premiere)
United States
June 17, 2008
(DVD Premiere)
Running time 93 min
Country UK
Language English
Gross revenue $7,385,434

It's A Boy Girl Thing is a 2006 romantic comedy film starring Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers, set in the USA but produced in the UK. The film is directed by Nick Hurran and written by Geoff Deane (Kinky Boots). The producers of the film are David Furnish, Steve Hamilton Shaw of Rocket Pictures and Martin F. Katz of Prospero Pictures. Elton John serves as one of the executive producers.

It's A Boy/Girl Thing was released on 26 December 2006 in the UK and has since then been released in some countries in cinemas, in others directly to DVD, and in others as a TV film.

The movie's soundtrack features a range of music. Tracks include a cover version of "I Think We're Alone Now" by Girls Aloud, "Let's Get It Started" by Black Eyed Peas, "Push the Button" and "Red Dress" by the Sugababes, "Be Strong" by Fefe Dobson, "High" by James Blunt, as well as other songs by the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Orson, Marz and many more.

Most of the interior school scenes were shot at Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


The story starts with Woody listening to loud rap music and next door, Nell is getting increasingly frustrated as Woody's music is stopping her from studying. However, Woody refuses to turn off the rap music, angering Nell.

The following day, Woody and his best friend Horse drive through a large puddle on the side of the road, splashing water all over Nell, who is on the sidewalk. Woody and Nell are set to go on a school trip to a museum, and are forced to work together in the museum. Because of their dislike for one another, they begin arguing in front of a statue of the ancient Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. As they argue, the statue appears to cast a spell upon them -- causing them to wake up in each other's bodies the next morning.

When they arrive at school, they immediately blame each other for the body swap but agree to pretend to be the other person. At first, they seem to succeed but Nell (now in Woody's body) is offended when Woody (now in Nell's body) says his (her) own opinions in a speech given to him (her) for homework. Also, Nell (in Woody's body) is told by Horse that she (he) must attend football practice that same day. Nell (in Woody's body) does indeed show up for football practice but fails miserably at practicing which angers the coach.

The following day, Nell (in Woody's body) arrives at school making Woody's appearance look "dorky" which frustrates Woody (in Nell's body) and he is even more frustrated after he hears about how Nell (in Woody's body) failed Woody's football practice the previous day. As payback, Woody (in Nell's body) dresses in a very inappropriate manner the following day. After school, Nell (in Woody's body), in retaliation, breaks up with Breanna, much to the disappointment of Woody (in Nell's body). The humiliation competition continues when Woody (in Nell's body) drives off with a biker boy, Nicky, and makes Nell (in Woody's body) think she is going to lose her virginity. However, Woody (in Nell's body) leaves Nicky just as he is getting ready to have sex with her.

The following day, rumours are being spread around school by Nicky about his "wild night" with Nell. When Nell (in Woody's body) finds out, she gets very upset. When Woody (in Nell's body) finds Nell (in Woody's body), he admits that he didn't actually lose Nell's virginity and that everyone was simply spreading Nicky's lies. However, Nell (in Woody's body) is still let down and so Woody (in Nell's body) decides to sort out Nicky. It turns out that Woody (in Nell's body) can't fight him, and Nell (in Woody's body) runs up and sorts him out by punching him in the face. After this, Nell (in Woody's body) and Woody (in Nell's body) reach a truce and realize the statue of Tezcatlipoca at the museum had something to do with their body swap. They head down to the museum and even after confronting the statue, they fail to return to their original bodies. They realize they are going to have to help each other in two important upcoming events. Nell (in Woody's body) must learn how to play football for Woody's homecoming game and Woody (in Nell's body) must learn about poetry and literature for Nell's Yale interview.

After spending so much time together, Nell (in Woody's body) and Woody (in Nell's body) become very fond of each other and start to understand each other better. The night before the interview and the game, they agree to go to the Homecoming dance together, as "not a date."

Eventually, the big events arrive and Woody (in Nell's body) survives Nell's Yale interview after some unconventional spontaneity about contemporary rap as poetry, since he blew most of the interview with his lack of knowledge about literature. Nell (in Woody's body) performs brilliantly in Woody's homecoming game, getting Woody an offer from a scout for a ride to college. Woody (in Nell's body) congratulates Nell (in Woody's body) for her (his) performance in the homecoming game, and Nell (in Woody's body) congratulates Woody (in Nell's body) on accomplishing the Yale interview. The Woody (in Nell's body) says to Nell (in Woody's body) that if the body swap is permanent, it would be an honour to spend the rest of his (her) life in Nell's body. Finally having understood each other and eliminating all their previous hatred for one another, the spell lifts and they return to their original bodies. Woody goes off to celebrate with his team, and just as Nell runs after him, she sees him kiss Breanna. Disappointed, she runs away and Woody is not successful in stopping her.

The following day, Woody tries to get round to talking to Nell but is stopped by her mother, who sees Woody's family as losers and "low class." Nell receives a letter from Yale informing her that she has been accepted to Yale, meaning that her interview (done by Woody in her body) was successful! However, she is still upset with Woody and has decided not to go to the Homecoming dance after all. Woody and Breanna are appointed Homecoming King and Queen at the Homecoming dance that evening. Meanwhile, Nell's father has a talk with her on the porch about Woody, during which she confesses she truly likes him, and her father surprises her with a dress and shoes for the dance. At the dance, Woody and Breanna are just beginning their dance as Nell appears in the entrance. Woody sees her, realizes his love for her, and leaves Breanna to go kiss Nell, throwing his crown into the crowd. Woody and Nell leave the school and kiss in front of their houses, while being watched by their fathers, who show their respect for each other (as it was revealed earlier in the film that they had been friends, but their friendship was thwarted by Nell's mother).

The following day, Nell tells her mother that she is taking a year's sabbatical from Yale, and when her mother protests, she replies with some curse words. After she and her father exchange a smile for her confidence and defiance, she leaves the house and hops into Woody's car. The film ends with the happy couple driving off down the road.


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