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"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge"
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. 247
Prod. code BABF18
Orig. airdate May 14, 2000
Show runner(s) Mike Scully
Written by Larry Doyle
Directed by Steven Dean Moore
Chalkboard "I cannot hire a substitute student."
Couch gag The Simpsons are blank paint-by-numbers figures; Korean animators come in and color the family, but don't detail Homer and Marge's eyes.
Guest star(s) Parker Posey as Becky
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Matt Selman
Larry Doyle
Steven Dean Moore

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge" is the twenty-first episode of the eleventh season of The Simpsons. It aired on May 14, 2000 on Fox. It guest starred Parker Posey as Becky.


Each child in Bart’s class is given a video camera for a school project to create a movie. Otto drives the school bus to a drive-through restaurant where his girlfriend, Becky, works. Otto proposes to her, and she accepts. On Bart’s suggestion, they decide to have the wedding at the Simpson house and sends out flyers. Marge reluctantly agrees, since she still has everything from Apu's wedding. The wedding is a success up until the point when Otto gets a Poison tribute band (Cyanide) to play Nothing but a Good Time. Becky admits to Marge that she hates heavy metal music. At the wedding, Marge suggests to Becky that she gives Otto an ultimatum: it is either her or heavy metal. The wedding is called off as Otto drives off in the school bus with the band. The wedding guests then return the wedding gifts.

Becky stays with the Simpson family on Bart's suggestion, due to the fact that Marge ruined another wedding. Marge consoles her, but begins to worry that her family likes Becky more than her. Eventually, she becomes paranoid that Becky is trying to kill her after her car would not stop on a steep road, after Patty and Selma gave bad advice that she is trying to kill her from a documentary (actually a movie) and that she is seducing Homer first. Chief Wiggum claims that he cannot help her. Becky and the rest of the family meet without Marge at an ice cream parlour, and Becky tells everyone that she has found a new apartment and is moving out. After she buys an unusually large bowl of ice cream, Homer freaks out upon the presence of so much ice cream and suddenly collapses. Becky gives him mouth-to-mouth but Marge comes in thinking she is kissing him. She grabs a cone and smashes it like a glass bottle to attack Becky. She is arrested and declared insane.

Marge then escapes from the courtroom and becomes a notorious fugitive and butt of jokes. When she goes to the library to see who Becky really is, she realizes that she is insane and being unfair to Becky, after finding nothing bad about her and a newspaper tablet of how Marge ruined Becky's marriage. Finally, she returns home, only to find Homer tied up in what looks like an S & M tableau, Lisa's arms and legs stuck to the wall, Maggie stuck in a cage, and Becky holding a knife in her hands. When she is about to "kill" Homer, Marge snatches the knife from her and strangles her. It turns out that Bart is filming a scene in his movie for the school (now a music video). Homer also revealed that while he was fixing Marge's car, he accidentally drained the brake fluid. However when Marge apologizes Becky admits she was going to kill Marge and steal her family, but she had no shovel. After looking for a good shovel, she called it off. The doctors show up and shoot three tranquilizer darts into Marge's neck, which do not take effect. Homer finally shoots an additional dart into her to make her fall asleep after she orders Homer to do scrubbing and mopping, since he was "dressed for the job anyway".

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