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Italian Spiderman
Italian spiderman.jpg
The Italian Spiderman
Genre Spoof
Created by Alrugo Entertainment
Directed by Alrugo Entertainment
Starring Franco Franchetti
Leombruno Tosca
Country of origin Australia
Language(s) Italian
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Producer(s) Alrugo Entertainment
Original channel YouTube
First shown in May 22, 2008
Original airing November 8, 2007
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Italian Spiderman is a film parody of Italian action–adventure films of the 60s and 70s currently being developed by Alrugo Entertainment, an Australian film-making collective formed by Dario Russo, Tait Wilson, David Ashby, Will Spartalis and Boris Repasky.[1] Ostensibly an Italian take on the comic book superhero Spider-Man, the film is a reference to foreign movies that misappropriate popular American superheroes such as: the Indian version of Superman (1987),[2] I Fantastici Tre Supermen (3 Fantastic Supermen) (1967) and La Mujer Murcielago (The Batwoman) (1968).[3]

As of 23 July 2008, ten mini-episodes of Italian Spiderman have been released.



In the middle of a party, an asteroid from a distant galaxy falls to Earth and is taken by professor Bernardi (Carmine Russo) for research. He discovers the asteroid has a substance that can create duplicates from any living being and decides that Italian Spiderman (Franco Franchetti), a fat, rude and powerful superhero, is the only man capable to have custody of the valuable asteroid.

As soon as Professor Bernardi gives Italian Spiderman the asteroid, he is attacked by the terrible Captain Maximum (Leombruno Tosca) who is interested in using the asteroid for his own evil plans. Foiled in his attempt to steal the asteroid from Bernardi, he transforms the Professor into a snake. Captain Maximum later intercepts the Italian Spiderman and takes the asteroid, although he gives Italian Spiderman a chance to win it by beating Maximum in a surf contest. When Captain Maximum notices the obviously superior surfing skills of Italian Spiderman, Maximum attempts to win by cheating. His efforts fail, however, as Italian Spiderman summons the help of penguins (which hurl themselves at Captain Maximum and his henchwomen) and wins. When Italian Spiderman returns home, he is again attacked by Captain Maximum's henchmen, where a tranquilizer dart causes the hero to collapse.

Waking up in Captain Maximum's lair he witnesses how the professor is forced to utilize the powers of duplication on one of Captain Maximum's henchmen. Italian Spiderman is forced to watch as the professor is shot by Maximum. The furious Italian Spiderman attacks Maximum's henchmen, killing many in a surprisingly gory battle sequence. Despite Italian Spiderman's efforts the Professor dies but in his last moments gives the Italian Spiderman the potion. Italian Spiderman again attacks the headquarters of Captain Maximum. Despite having the potion, Italian Spiderman overwhelms by his powers alone the newfound army (showing in the process to have a poisonous bite and removable moustaches that can double as razor-sharp boomerangs). Later, Italian Spiderman returns home with the Professor's daughter. When a gigantic Captain Maximum lays siege to the city, Italian Spiderman finally drinks the potion, growing to the same height of Capitan Maximum and battling him until the titles roll.


  • Italian Spiderman — David Ashby
  • Capitan Maximum — Boris Repasky
  • Professore Bernadi — Carmine Russo
  • Jessica — Susanna Dekker
  • Tony — Josh Van Looy
  • Judy — Caitlin Mcrenor
  • Masked Henchmen — Tait Wilson and Josh Van Looy
  • Man With Eyepatch — Tait Wilson
  • Necklace Girl — Alice Darling
  • Croupier — Aldo Mignone
  • Carlo — Michael Crisci
  • Vincenzo — Nelson Granchi
  • Croccodrillo — Will Spartalis;
  • Goblin — Will Spartalis
  • Big Gino — Corey Price;
  • Spiderbed Girls — Katya Fedyk, Anna Cashman, Sophie Spalding, Elle Brenecki, Elise Wake and Susanna Dekker
  • Scuba Girls — Katya Fedyk and Anna Cashman
  • Surf Girls — Katya Fedyk, Anna Cashman, Elise Wake & Emily Wake
  • Il Gallo Narrator — Tait Wilson
  • Dancing Man — Paul Muscat
  • Suited Henchmen — Michael Crisci, Chris Asimos, Matt Crooks, Nelson Granchi, Will Spartalis & Boris Repasky
  • Maximum's Henchmen — Michael Crisci, Chris Asimos, Matt Crooks, Ryan Cortazzo, Nelson Granchi, Paul Muscat, Miles Shepherdson, Daniel Vanderwerf, Will Spartalis & Boris Repasky
  • Party People — Carmine Russo, Tait Wilson, Katya Fedyk, Will Spartalis, Elise Wake, Paul Muscat, Josh Van Looy, Suzanna Pagnozzi, Nelson Granchi, Michael Crisci, Jaymie Sekhon


  • Director — Dario Russo
  • Producer — Dario Russo
  • Director Of Photography — Sam King
  • Production Design — Tait Wilson
  • Costume Design and Makeup — Sophie Spalding and Chloe Spalding
  • Prop Builders — Bluey Byrne and Brad Maddern
  • Sound Design & Score — Will Spartalis
  • Original Music — Dario Russo, Will Spartalis and Josh Van Looy
  • Editor — Dario Russo
  • Gaffer — Sarah Macdonald
  • 1st Camera Assistant — Vivyan Madigan
  • Grip — Henry Smith
  • Squirrel Grip — Matt Veseley
  • Production Assistant — Sarah Bond
  • Stills Photography — Lucy Spartalis

Project history

The project began as a trailer for a non-existent film, produced as a student film at Flinders University by director Dario Russo for his final year Screen Production project.[4] The "trailer" was shot, over the course of one day, on 16 mm film using an older style camera to achieve an authentic look for the films of that era.

Publicized as an actual lost Italian action film from the late 1960s, the film was later uploaded onto YouTube on November 8, 2007 where it has gained a massive cult following with over 2.7 millions hits as of August 2009. With some of mainstream media taking interest in the film, this led to the South Australian Film Corporation giving the filmmakers funding for ten more short films.[5]

The first installment of the "feature film" premiered across the Internet on 22 May 2008; further installments followed on a weekly basis.

Italian Spiderman [fictional]
Directed by Gianfranco Gatti
Produced by Alfonso Alrugo
Written by Gianfranco Gatti
Starring Franco Franchetti
Leombruno Tosca
Music by Enzo Bontempi
Cinematography Primo Ziglio
Editing by Alfonso Alrugo
Distributed by Alrugo Entertainment
Release date(s) Created 1968, never released
Running time 90 min.
Country Italy
Language Italian
Budget $15,000,000
Gross revenue Unreleased

The fictional history of Italian Spiderman

Alrugo Entertainment was founded in 1961 in Palermo, Italy by orange-farming mogul Alfonso Alrugo. After accruing considerable wealth in the citrus trade, Alfonso decided to start a film production company that produced films that he felt "did the job". Alfonso was very supportive of up-and-coming practitioners and helped to nurture the blossoming careers of a spate of Italian directors like Gianfranco Gatti, Massimilliano Buonatempi, Carlo Zoffa and of course Giacomo Dentibiachi. Alrugo Entertainment began producing low budget, nudie-cutie pictures such as Busto Busto (1961) and Sex Cops II (1962). During this period, Alfonso was to discover two men who would play a large role in the next part of his life, director Gianfraco Gatti and actor Franco Franchetti. In 1964 Alrugo went into production of Gatti's opus, Italian Spiderman. Italian Spiderman was a heavily adapted and abridged interpretation of a novel Gatti had read during a summer in Moldova entitled Death Wears a Hat. When applying for the option, however, the author felt Italian Spiderman held such little resemblance to his work that payment was not necessary and felt that his name should be distanced as far as possible from the production. After three years of turbulent production and about $15 million later (a sum unheard of for any production of the time) Italian Spiderman was finally completed in 1968.

Even though Alrugo had survived the epic production period, a venture that Gatti described as "opening the gates of hell" (Gianfranco Gatti wrote about Italian Spiderman in his autobiography Opening the Gates of Hell), the company was in debt. There was no money left to distribute the picture and Alfonso had pulled every last favour he had during the production process. In a desperate attempt to show Italian Spiderman to the world, Alfonso sent the only existing print across the Atlantic on a cargo ship to a distributor friend of his in New York - the ship, however, never reached its destination. In the summer of 1969, Alfonso Alrugo closed the gates to Alrugo Entertainment and donned his orange-picking glove once more. Gianfranco Gatti went on to direct hardcore pornography and Franco Francheti died in a spearfishing accident. On Alfonso Alrugo's dying wishes, his two grandsons Vivaldi and Verdi Alrugo led an expedition to scour the Atlantic for the cargo ship carrying the only existing print of Italian Spiderman.

On the 9th of January 2006, after four years at sea, they discovered the sunken vessel with the cans intact inside. In the excitement of this amazing discovery, Vivaldi and Verdi reopened Alrugo Entertainment and spent two years restoring the full-length print of Italian Spiderman from its watery grave. Vivaldi and Verdi believe that the Internet is the best device to expose Italian Spiderman to the world. In November 2007, they uploaded the theatrical trailer and in 2008, ten remastered excerpts from the feature will be broadcast for free over MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo!, and other video-hosting websites. Hopefully through the Internet, the world will now have a chance to behold Alfonso Alrugo's dream: Italian Spiderman.[6]

Italian Spiderman's Superpowers

Italian Spiderman's powers that have been revealed:

  • Teletransportation
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Ferociously overpowering sex appeal
  • Ability to force chickens to make (apparently) anything he needs
  • Change the sizes of motorcycles and himself
  • Flying
  • Ability to control the minds of penguins and spiders
  • Poisonous bite
  • Explosive boomeranging throwable moustache
  • Uncanny surfing skills


Seven-inch Single / Digital download

"Italian Spiderman"/"Bangarang" Enzo Bontempi (Soulful Torino Records RK45 017/STR003)

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