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The Italian general elections of 1934 were held on March 25, 1934. Due to a parlamentary reform in 1928 by the fascist-dominated Chamber of Deputies, the election were held as a simple referendum, with the voters were given the options to say yes or no to a single party list composed by the Grand Council of the National Fascist Party (Gran Consiglio del Fascismo). The party list was enacted with an overwhelming majority, provoking Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy to dub the election the "second referendum of Fascism".

A ballot card, with the front page and the yes mark. The voters simply folded the card, disguising either the tricolor yes side or the blank no side to cast his vote for the other option.

A total of 10,433,536 Italians were eligible to vote, with a number of 10,041,997 registered as having visited the ballots, giving an official turnout of 96,2 %. As can be seen by the image of the ballot, the voters' choice would not be secret as they cast their vote.


Answer % of vote[citation needed]
Yes 99.84 %
No 0.15 %
Not valid 0.01 %




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