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The Romance language family (simplified) - click to enlarge

Italo-Western is, in some classifications of the Romance languages, the largest sub-group of these. It comprises 2 subsets: Italo-Dalmatian, and Western.

  1. The Pyrenean-Mozarabic group consists of two languages in two separate branches: Aragonese and Mozarabic
  2. The Gallo-Iberian group includes:
    1. The Gallo-Romance languages group includes:
      1. The Occitano-Romance languages of Southern France and neighbouring areas include Occitan and Catalan
      2. The Gallo-Italian languages include Piedmontese, Ligurian, Insubric or Western Lombard, Eastern Lombard, Emiliano-Romagnolo, and Venetian
      3. The Rhaeto-Romance languages include Romansh of southern Switzerland, Ladin of the Dolomites mountains, Friulian of Friuli
      4. The Langues d'oïl (including French) and several other languages of France including Franco-Provençal
    2. The Ibero-Romance languages group includes:
      1. The West Iberian languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Ladino, Leonese, etc.
      2. The East Iberian languages : Catalan

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