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Itzhak Stern (January 25, 1901 – 1969)[1] was a Jewish accountant to German industrialist Oskar Schindler. He worked alongside Schindler as the accountant for his enamelware company (Deutsche Emaillewarenfabrik) in Kraków and greatly helped in running the company. He is credited with typing the list of names known as Schindler's list, a list of Jews who survived the Holocaust because of Oskar Schindler's intervention.

In their first meeting, Stern informed Schindler that he could use Jewish slave labour to staff his factory at a lower price than Polish laborers. Schindler, recognizing the advantage, took Stern up on his suggestion. Stern was said to be able to bring out the strong moral side of Schindler. Stern, like Schindler, was an opportunist, and he was a main contributor to the rescue of the Schindlerjuden. Stern discovered a way to channel his essentially forced labor for Schindler into a way to help his fellow Jews. As Schindler left Stern to run the factory, he immediately began to give factory jobs to Jews who otherwise would be deemed “nonessential” and would most likely be killed. He forged documents to make teachers and intellectuals appear to be experienced machinists and factory workers. Stern’s motivation to help his people is abundantly clear. He would often advise Schindler about things, mainly the company. He was portrayed in the motion picture Schindler's List by Ben Kingsley.

Itzhak Stern's widow appeared at the end of Schindler's List, visiting Oskar Schindler's grave, escorted by Kingsley. His brother Natan Stern was also one of the Schindlerjuden.[2]

While the relationship between Itzhak and Oskar was initially purely business, in the end a definite friendship arose.[3]




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