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Ivan Ivanovich Skvortsov-Stepanov (Russian: Ива́н Ива́нович Скворцо́в-Степа́нов, 1870 – 1928) was a prominent Russian Bolshevik.

Skvortsov-Stepanov was one of the oldest participants in the Russian revolutionary movement, a Marxist writer.

He joined the revolutionary movement in 1892 and became a Bolshevik in the winter of 1904. In 1906 he was a delegate to the Fourth Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, where he supported Lenin. During the period 1907–10, he favoured the Mezhraiontsy faction, but later fell again under the influence of Lenin. He was repeatedly arrested and exiled for his revolutionary activities.

Following the Revolution of 1917 he became the Commissar of Narkomfin, the People's Commissariat of Finance.

Upon his death in October 1928, Stepanov was commemorated by Stalin as a "staunch and steadfast Leninist". This contrasts greatly with the treatment of the majority of members of the original Council of the People's Commissars, most of whom were executed during Stalin's purges[1].


  • Izbrannye ateisticheskie proizvedenii'a
Political offices
Preceded by
New Post
People's Commissar of Finance
26 October (8 November) 1917 – 20 January (2 February) 1918
Succeeded by
Vyacheslav Menzhinsky

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