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Total population
Regions with significant populations
El Quiché

Ixil, Spanish


Catholic, Evangelicalist, Maya religion

Ixil is the name of a Mayan people in Guatemala. The Ixil live in three municipalities in the Cuchumatanes mountains in the northern part of the department El Quiché. These municipalities -also known as the Ixil Triangle- are Santa Maria Nebaj, San Gaspar Chajul, and San Juan Cotzal.

In the early eighties the Ixil Triangle was one of the principal stages for insurgent and counter-insurgent operations in the Guatemalan civil war. As a consequence the Ixil and other indigenous groups in the altiplano region suffered the brunt of the conflict. The violence was particularly heightened during the period 1979–1985 as successive Guatemalan administrations and the military pursued an indiscriminate scorched-earth (in Spanish: tierra arrasada) policy.[2]

Festival in Nebaj, Guatemala


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