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Jönköping University Foundation
Jönköping is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 57°47′N 14°10′E / 57.783°N 14.167°E / 57.783; 14.167Coordinates: 57°47′N 14°10′E / 57.783°N 14.167°E / 57.783; 14.167
Country Sweden
Province Småland
County Jönköping County
Municipality Jönköping Municipality
Area [1]
 - Total 44.33 km2 (17.1 sq mi)
Population (2005-12-31)[1]
 - Total 84,423
 Density 1,905/km2 (4,933.9/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Jönköping (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈjœnɕøːpiŋ]) (yan-SHO-ping) is a city in Småland in southern Sweden with 84,420 inhabitants in 2005.[1] It is the 9th most populous city of Sweden.

The city is the seat of Jönköping Municipality which has a population of 122,194 (2006), and also the seat of Jönköping County which has a population of 331,539 (2006).

Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court of appeal as well as the Swedish National Courts Administration. It is also the seat of the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Geographically the town is situated by the southern end of Sweden's second largest lake, Vättern. With a sandy beach running through Jönköping, it is considered a very beautiful city. The original town Jönköping has grown together with Huskvarna and Norrahammar forming a contiguous urban area, since 1971 wholly in the same municipality.



Jönköping is an old trading center (Köping), since it was located on a crossroad for the roads following along the rivers Nissan and Lagan, and the road between the provinces Östergötland and Västergötland. This was rather natural due to the geographical position of the city at the southern end of lake Vättern, which divided the two counties. On 18 May 1284, Jönköping received rights as a City in Sweden as one of the first communities in the country, by King Magnus Ladulås, who at that time largely ruled the nation from Vättern's largest island Visingsö. In the name of the city "Jön-" is derived from a creek, "Junebäcken", which was situated in the nowadays western part of the city, Talavid. This was the location of the first known settlement in the area. The second part of the name "-köping", as mentioned above, is an old word for a trading center or market place.

However, the geographical position of the city also left it vulnerable to foreign attacks, mainly from the Danes, coming from the south with the river roads; at that time, the provinces of what is today southern Sweden — Scania, Halland and Blekinge — belonged to Denmark. Consequently, the city was plundered and burned several times, until a fortification was built in the 16th and 17th century.

The Sofia church in Jönköping, Neo-Gothic style, 1888

Jönköping is known for its matchstick industry 1845-1970. Still today it is an important Swedish logistical center, with many companies' central warehouses situated there (like IKEA, Electrolux and Husqvarna).


The urban area of Jönköping today includes the eastern industrial town of Huskvarna, with which it has grown together.

A major fair and exhibition center, Elmia is also located in Jönköping, with fairs including Elmia Wood, the world’s largest forestry fair. Elmia’s fairs are also the biggest of their kind in Europe for subcontractors, trucks, caravans and railways. Since 2002, Elmia has also been the site of the world's largest LAN party, DreamHack.

Notable natives


Local Musicians

  • Her Bright Skies (previously called Herbrightskies), a post-hardcore band that was named as 'The Pride of Jönköping' after releasing their first EP 'Beside Quiet Waters'
  • I'm from Barcelona, a 29-piece indie pop band
  • The Motorhomes, a rockband


Panorama of central Jönköping


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View over Jönköping
Jönköping [1] is by many Swedes referred to the 'Jerusalem of Sweden' - this is due to the town's many churches. The city is located on the southern end of Sweden's second largest lake, Vättern. Jönköping also has two smaller lakes of it's own, Munksjön ('The Monk Lake') and Rocksjön ('The Rock Lake'). It's Sweden's 10th largest municipality with about 122,000 inhabitants (2006).

Get in

Budget airlines fly to Skavsta airport in Nyköping (which also serves Stockholm). From the bus station, Swebus [2] operates several buses daily; the journey takes three hours.

There is also a local airport in Jönköping that which one can get to from Stockholm, Visby and Kiruna, among others.

You can also go here by bus [3] and by train [4] from cities all over Sweden such as Malmö, for instance.

Get around

The city center is small and very walkable. In general the city is very pedestrian and biker friendly. A good starting point for discovering Jönköping is its central station, Jönköping Resecentrum, where trains and buses to and from other cities depart and arrive. The station is connected with Juneporten, which is the place where all the inner-city buses leave. Bus tickets within the city cost 20 and 16 SKR flat rate, during peak and off-peak respectively. Young people and children usually get discounts. The last inner-city bus usually leaves around midnight on weekdays, so if you plan on traveling late be prepared to take a taxi which can be rather expensive. On weekends you may be able to catch a bus up until two in the morning, but check the schedules in advance on the regional traffic office homepage, Jönköpings Länstrafik [5].


Tändsticksområdet is the area where the match production of Jönköping was held. This area has various cultural and handicraft shops, as well as the Match museum (Tändsticksmuseet) [6] - note to all trivia fans: Jönköping is the birthplace of the safety match.' On this area you may also find the Radio musem Radiomuseét [7].

Jönköpings läns museum [8] has a permanent exhibition on the early 20th century fantasy artist John Bauer, as well as various photo exhibitions and historical information.

The city also has a harbor with a pier. This harbor is quite popular during summertime - often you may find people eating icecream there and enjoying a beer at the harbor's bar.

Rosenlunds rosarium is a park with hundreds of types of roses. Free entrance.

Råslätt is considered to be the 'ghetto' of Jönköping. However, these days it is considered to be quite safe.


Rosenlunds Badhus - Literally 'The bathhouse of Rosenlund', is a swimming hall where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. It is quite a big swimming hall with an 'adventure' section for the young ones, a diving room and also massages can be booked.

DreamHack [9] is a LAN gaming event which takes place in the Elmia expohall, right next to the bathhouse of Rosenlund. It is the world's largest LAN party - last winter it had 12.782 attendees. It usually takes place two times a year in June and November. One can attend as both a visitor and by bringing their computer to the party.

The beach. The beach of lake Vättern is one of Jönköping's prides. During summertime it is an excellent place to go swimming, playing volleyball or even attending a small (free) festival which is held there annually (usually in August) called 'Vätternfesten' [10].

Jönköping University
Jönköping University
Jönköping is the home to several schools including SVF, a school that many American students from North Park University in Chicago, IL, USA participate in an exchange program with each fall.


It has a large shopping center to the east called A6 Center [11] that is a former military base. There is also an IKEA store and several electronic, computer store chains in this area.

The western part of the city (Västra Centrum) has more exclusive shopping, while the eastern part (Östra Centrum) has cheaper shops.

Getting Online

Sidewalk Express, Railway station. 19 SEK per hour.

Gameheaven, there are a couple of computer clubs around the city, where you can get online or play with others. One is located near the busstation "Myntgatan", which is near the Klosterkung hotellet, and the other one is located on "Cigarren", near Erik Dahlbergsgymnasiet.

  • Pizzeria Campino. Is by some considered to be the best pizza in town. Get your fix for 50 Sek.  edit

Jönköping is packed with cheap pizza places. Don't leave until you've tried a delicious kebab pizza! The 'Tre Kronor' pizza from the pizzeria Evergreen is considered to be quite a treat. It includes cheese, kebab meat, kebabsauce, sallad and fries. Other good pizzerias you can try out are "Alcamo" and "Pappillion".

Velvet Lounge [12], Västra Storgatan 4. Restaurant and bar with italian, asian, oriental, mexican and swedish food. Mains 106-202 SEK.

Twin City Ristorante and Grill [13], Hamngatan 1. Classy place. Mains 105-225 SEK.

Chili Thai Restaurant, Västra Storgatan 12. Mains 99-139 SEK.


Bongo Bar [14] is where the more alternative people hang out. Not much of a dancing place, but great music and nice people. It is located at 'Tändsticksområdet'.

Centrum [15] is one of Jönköping clubs. The age of it's attendees is fairly low. It is very likely to be the best place for dancing in Jönköping.

  • A6 Vandrarhem (Bataljonsgatan 10). Youth hostel.
  • Familjen Ericsson's CITY HOTEL [16] (Västra Storgatan 25)
  • Hotel Savoy [17] (Brunnsgatan 13-15)
  • Typical Swedish Lakeside Cottage, (Långsbo 20, 571 97 Forserum), [18]. Just outside Jönköping in the beautiful highlands of Småland.  edit

Get out

Habo Kyrka (Habo Church) lies several kilometers northwest of Jönköping, just off the road to Falköping. It's a small frame church whose interior is decorated with peasant folk art depicting biblical scenes.

Gränna is the hometown of the peppermint rock candy. One can also take the boat from here to get to the island of "Visingsö".

Visingsö [19] is an island located in lake Vättern, not far from Jönköping. It has a total area of 24 km² and it's sights include it's herb garden, the old castle ruins and going on a tour through the island by horse buggy. One gets out to the island by first getting to the town of Gränna to which one can take the local bus. After that you leave from Gränna on a boat which departs for Visingsö every hour or so.

Routes through Jönköping
HelsingborgSkåneleden (Åstorp) ←  W noframe E  LinköpingStockholm
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