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Filename extension .jbg, .jbig
Developed by ISO, IEC, ITU-T
Type of format Image file formats
Extended to JBIG2

JBIG is a lossless image compression standard from the Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group, standardized as ISO/IEC standard 11544 and as ITU-T recommendation T.82. Now that the newer bi-level image compression standard JBIG2 has been released, JBIG is also known as JBIG1. JBIG was designed for compression of binary images, particularly for faxes, but can also be used on other images. In most situations JBIG offers between a 20% and 50% increase in compression efficiency over the Fax Group 4 standard, and in some situations, it offers a 30-fold improvement.

JBIG uses a form of arithmetic coding patented by IBM known as the Q-coder. It bases the probabilities of each bit on the previous bits and the previous lines of the picture. In order to allow compressing and decompressing images in scanning order, it does not reference future bits. JBIG also supports progressive transmission with small (around 5%) overheads.

The last JBIG1 patent is believed to expire on 25 February 2011 outside the United States and on 4 April 2012 in the United States.[1]


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