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Systematic (IUPAC) name
4-methoxynaphthalen- 1-yl- (1-pentylindol- 3-yl)methanone
CAS number 210179-46-7
ATC code  ?
PubChem 10547208
Chemical data
Formula C25H25NO2 
Mol. mass 371.47 g/mol
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.  ?
Legal status Legal

JWH-081 is an analgesic chemical from the aminoalkylindole family, which acts as a cannabinoid agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 receptors.[1] It's been speculated to be one of the cannabinoids in herbal blends such as Pandora Potpourri [2], a product that is quickly replacing K2 Blends in states where JWH-018 is being banned. It is fairly selective for the CB1 subtype, with affinity at this subtype approximately 10x the affinity at CB2.[3]

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