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Jack Worthen Germond (born January 30, 1928) is an American journalist, author, and pundit. He is noteworthy as a veteran newspaperman of 50 years' standing, having written for the now-defunct Washington Star and for The Baltimore Sun. Together with Jules Witcover, Germond co-wrote "Politics Today," a five-day-a-week syndicated column, for more than 24 years.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, an only child and raised in striving middle class in Boston, and Trenton, New Jersey. At age 13, his family then moved to Mississippi, and then to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Germond finished high school. After attending LSU, Louisiana State University for one semester, he served in the U.S. Army 1946-47, returning to college on the GI bill and then graduating from the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism and history. Germond began his national career working for Gannett Newspapers in 1961, located in upstate New York. He moved to the Washington Star in 1974, became a syndicated columnist and national editor, and went on to The Baltimore Sun when the Star folded. He began to appear on Meet the Press in 1972, the Today Show in 1980, and The McLaughlin Group from its inception in 1981.

Despite having been a television personality for decades, he has cultivated an image of being an old-fashioned newspaper reporter, somewhat disdainful of slick TV types, and who likes to visit the horse racing track and enjoy the occasional drink.

He was a fixture on the NBC and PBS TV program The McLaughlin Group for 15 years before abruptly resigning, and he now appears on CNN, and appeared for a time on the PBS program Inside Washington.

His political opinions are generally liberal, and he is an avowed atheist.

Personal Life

Germond and his first wife, Barbara Wipple, a fellow student at University of Missouri were married shortly after he graduated, in 1951. They had two daughters, Mandy, and Jessica. In 1977, after battling Leukemia for 5 years, Mandy died at age 14. Jessica, (now, Jessica Moreland) is a Pediatrician who does clinical work and research.

In 1984, Germond met political activist and Democratic campaign party operative, Alice Travis. Germond and his wife Barbara, subsequently divorced, and in 1988, he and Alice Travis married. Alice Travis Germond, has two children from a prior marriage, David Travis and Abigail Travis, and is the current Secretary of the Democratic National Committee . Germond resides with his wife live in Charles Town, West Virginia on the bend of the Shenandoah River. [1]

Books written

With Witcover

  • Blue Smoke & Mirrors: How Reagan Won and Why Carter Lost the Election of 1980, Viking Press (1981);
  • Wake Us When It's Over: Presidential Politics of 1984, Macmillan (1985)
  • Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars? The Trivial Pursuit of the Presidency 1988, Warner Books (1989)
  • Mad As Hell: Revolt at the Ballot Box 1992, Warner Books (1992)


  • Fat Man in A Middle Seat: Forty Years of Covering Politics, Random House (2002)
  • Fat Man Fed Up: How American Politics Went Bad, Random House (2004)


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