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Jack Off Jill

From left to right; Robin Moulder, Scott Putesky, Jessicka, Claudia Rossi
Background information
Origin Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.
Genres Alternative rock
Gothic rock
Punk rock
Riot grrrl
Years active 1992-2000
Labels Rectum Records
Risk Records
Sympathy for the Record Industry
Associated acts Scarling.
Set to Zero
Mrs. Scabtree
Thee Heavenly Music Association
Marilyn Manson

Jack Off Jill was an American alternative rock band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, formed in 1992. Founded by Jessica Fodera, Tenni Arslanyan, Robin Moulder, and Michelle Oliver. Though these four young women were the initial founders, twelve members rotated through the group in its life span, including Scott Putesky, guitarist and co-founder of Marilyn Manson. The band lasted eight years, with only Moulder and Fodera remaining through all its lineups.



A 1993 flyer for a Marilyn Manson & Jack Off Jill show, with artwork by Marilyn Manson.

Tenni Arslanyan met Jessicka while attending Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida. They had begun writing songs, but had not yet formed a band when Moulder and Inhell joined them to create the band that would become Jack Off Jill. Jack Off Jill's first show was opening for fellow Floridian and long time friend Marilyn Manson and his shock-rock outfit, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, at a Davie, Florida night club called The Plus Five Lounge. Manson went on to take the band under his wing. He mentored them, produced their early demos and had them open most of his shows.[1] The female foursome quickly became one of the most exciting and controversial underground bands during their heyday. During this time the band served as the opening act for many female fronted national acts such as Joan Jett, L7 (band), Silverfish (band), Tribe 8, Fetchin' Bones and the Lunachicks. Singer Jessicka's on-stage antics included stripping young men on stage while the band and crowd taunted the exposed fans, as well as covering the audience with spit and real blood and candy. [2][3] In early 1993, Jessicka performed with Manson's ephemeral side project, Mrs. Scabtree [4].

In December 1993, Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on dates through Florida. While playing Club 5 in Jacksonville, Florida Manson was arrested for violating the town's adult entertainment codes. Jessicka was arrested for solicitation and offering to engage in lewdness. Both singers were charged with misdemeanors.[5]

Jack Off Jill released several independent records: "Children 5 and Up" (produced by Marilyn Manson, [2] "The Boygrinder Sessions", "Cannibal Song Book", (produced by JOJ and Manson at Studio 13 in Deerfield Beach, Florida)[6] "Cockroach Waltz", and several 7" singles. It was not until April 7, 1994, when JOJ played a benefit show for Rock Against Domestic Violence with Babes in Toyland and 7 Year Bitch at the Cameo Theatre on Miami Beach that Jack Off Jill caught the eye of record labels. [7] Los Angeles-based Risk Records later signed them in January 1997. The band replaced both Ah Cha Cha and Inhell with new members because the two were not ready to leave Florida. The band released their first national 7" "Girl Scout"/"American Made" in March 1997. On September 9 1997, their first full-length Sexless Demons And Scars (produced by Gumball's leader Don Fleming, who produced Hole's Pretty on the Inside) was released.

Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers, 2000, by Mark Ryden.

After moderate underground success, touring with Lords of Acid, and playing to sold-out crowds in 1997[citation needed], Jack Off Jill headed to Los Angeles in order to complete 1998's Covetous Creature, a remix EP of songs from Sexless Demons and Scars with the help of SMP (Scott Putesky), a founding member of Marilyn Manson and new drummer Claudia Rossi.[8] The new manifestation of Jack Off Jill hit the road on a national tour with Psychotica, joined along the way by Switchblade Symphony.

The band road-tested new songs in March 1999 when JOJ played four dates on the Marilyn Manson Rock is Dead tour after Hole departed.[9] With Putesky no longer in the guitar position, JOJ enlisted the help of Jessicka's then-boyfriend guitarist Clint Walsh, original JOJ guitarist Michelle Inhell (Oliver), and drummer Norm Block (formerly of Plexi) for the tour. On July 17, 2000, JOJ released their second full-length CD, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers on Risk Records, that featured a cover by artist Mark Ryden and was produced by Chris Vrenna of Tweaker and Nine Inch Nails.

Jack Off Jill played its last show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles in April 2000. They were joined onstage by guitarist Helen Storer of the UK all-girl band Fluffy (and later of Thee Heavenly Music Association) and producer Chris Vrenna on drums. [10]

Breakup and aftermath

Jack Off Jill officially disbanded in the year 2000. Jessicka founded noise-pop band Scarling.. Moulder began her studio project TCR. Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha and Michelle Inhell's founded Set to Zero. Claudia Rossi's founded a group called One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard. Hellen Storer's new project is Thee Heavenly Music Association.

Post-breakup, critics have touted JOJ as "riot-goth legends"[11] and refer to Jack Off Jill's final album as," excellent, yet under-appreciated". [12]


Original line-up

  • Jessicka (Jessicka Fodera) vocals, lyrics
  • Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha (Tenni Arslanyan) drums
  • Agent Moulder (Robin Moulder) bass, piano (Keyboards on "My Cat" credited as the big white dancing beav)
  • Michelle Inhell (Michelle Oliver) guitar

Former members

  • Lauracet Simpson (Laura Simpson) – drums 1996-1997
  • Ho Ho Spade (Jeff Tucci) – guitar 1996-1997
  • SMP (Daisy Berkowitz / Scott Putesky) – guitar 1997-1998
  • Claudia (Claudia Rossi) – drums 1997-1999
  • Clint Walsh – guitar 1999-2000
  • Norm Block – live drums 1999-2000
  • Helen Storer (Helen Storer) – live guitar 2000
  • Chris Vrenna – live drums 2000



Year Album Additional information
1997 Sexless Demons and Scars First studio album
2000 Clear Hearts Grey Flowers Second studio album

Singles and EPs

  • Jack Off Jill, " My Cat/Swollen" ( 7" Rectum Records first pressing black and white 1993)
  • Jack Off Jill, " My Cat/Swollen" ( 7" Rectum Records second pressing color 1994)
  • Jack Off Jill, "Girlscout/ American Made" ( 7" Risk Records 1996)
  • Jack Off Jill, "Covetous Creature" (1998)


Cassette demos

  • "Children 5 And Up" (Seven songs; 1993)
  • "Boy Grinder Session" (Five songs; 1994)1
  • "Cannibal Song Book" (Eleven songs; 1995)
  • "Cockroach Waltz" (Seven songs; 1996)1

1 indicates the demos were never released.

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