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Jack & Bobby
Format Political drama, teen drama
Created by Greg Berlanti
Steve Cohen
Vanessa Taylor
Brad Meltzer
Starring Christine Lahti
Matt Long
Logan Lerman
Jessica Paré
Edwin Hodge
John Slattery
Bradley Cooper
Keri Lynn Pratt
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel The WB
Original run September 12, 2004 (2004-09-12) – May 11, 2005 (2005-05-11)

Jack & Bobby is an American television series that aired on The WB network. It featured two brothers, one of whom was destined to become President of the United States, serving from 2041 to 2049. The series was created by Greg Berlanti, novelist and comic book writer Brad Meltzer, and Thomas Schlamme, who directed fourteen episodes of The West Wing.

The show followed the lives of teenaged Jack and Bobby (Robert) McCallister as they went to high school and generally matured. Much conflict was generated between the boys and their mother, Grace, played by Christine Lahti, who was both domineering and unreliable. The names of the main characters are unmistakable references to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, who were commonly referred to as "Jack" and "Bobby," though it was stated in the show they were named after their father, Juan Roberto del Alba.

The main storyline was paralleled by a series of interviews with figures associated with the McCallister presidency, who spoke of events from Robert McCallister's later life. Typically, there was a thematic link between the main plot, set during Bobby's childhood/adolescence, and the reminiscences of his adult life and political career.

On May 17, 2005, The WB announced it would not renew Jack & Bobby for a second season.

The 22 episode series has also aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network, debuting on September 25, 2006.

The show is now available to U.S. viewers on The WB website.[1]



The pilot maintained the mystery about which of the two brothers became President until the end of that episode, when it was revealed that Jack dies young. The circumstances of his death were left unknown until the season one (and series) finale, where it was learned that Jack had served in the War of the Americas, and as a public defender, before running for political office at Bobby's suggestion, only to be killed during a convenience store robbery.

Jack's death inspired Bobby to take his brother's place, eventually leading to his election as President in 2040. President Robert McCallister became known as "The Great Believer", for his determination and faith in the face of many obstacles, from international conflicts, to scandals within his own administration, and attacks upon his reputation. Memories of Jack are kept alive through Bobby; he marries his brother's ex-girlfriend Courtney in 2025, and has one of Jack's best friends as a member of his staff.





  • MIke Erwin (Mike Erwin) - Courtney's former boyfriend
  • Randy Bongard (Cam Gigandet) - Missy's on-and-off boyfriend
  • Katie (Kate Mara) - Jack's former girlfriend
  • "'Cheerleader'" (J*Smith) - Missy's Posse
  • Dennis Morgenthal (John Heard)
  • Reverend Belknap (Ed Begley, Jr.) - Missy's father
  • Future Marcus Ride (Ron Canada)
  • Future Courtney McCallister (Brenda Wehle)
  • Dex Truggman (Jeanette Brox) - Bobby's former girlfrend
  • Juan Roberto de Alba (Lou Diamond Philips) - Grace's former lover and father of Jack and Bobby


  1. "Pilot" (12 September 2004)
  2. "Better Days" (19 September 2004)
  3. "The Kindness of Strangers" (26 September 2004)
  4. "A Man of Faith" (3 October 2004)
  5. "The First Lady" (10 October 2004)
  6. "An Innocent Man" (17 October 2004)
  7. "Valentino" (27 October 2004)
  8. "Election Night" (3 November 2004)
  9. "Chess Lessons" (10 November 2004)
  10. "Lost Boys" (17 November 2004)
  11. "Today I Am a Man" (1 December 2004)
  12. "Running Scared" (26 January 2005)
  13. "A New Frontier" (2 February 2005)
  14. "Into the Woods" (9 February 2005)
  15. "Time Out of Life" (16 February 2005)
  16. "And Justice for All" (23 February 2005)
  17. "Querida Grace" (2 March 2005)
  18. "Friends with Benefits" (13 April 2005)
  19. "A Child of God" (20 April 2005)
  20. "Under the Influence" (27 April 2005)
  21. "Stand by Me" (4 May 2005)
  22. "Legacy" (11 May 2005)


The name Robert McCallister, plus a few recognizable elements of the character, would later be reused by Greg Berlanti in his hit ABC (USA) tv series Brothers & Sisters. On that show, which premiered in 2006, Robert McAllister is played by Rob Lowe; and is a U.S. Senator (Republican) with an ex-wife named Courtney and a son named Jack.

Awards and nominations

Art Directors Guild:

  • 2004: Excellence in Production Design Award - Single-Camera TV Series (for "An Innocent Man", nominated)

Casting Society of America:

  • 2004: Best Casting for Television - Dramatic Pilot (nominated)

GLAAD Media Awards:

  • 2004: Outstanding Individual Episode - Series Without a Regular Gay Character (for "Lost Boys", won)

Golden Globe Awards:

  • 2004: Best Actress - Drama Series (Christine Lahti for playing "Grace McCallister", nominated)

Screen Actors Guild:

  • 2004: Outstanding Actress - Drama Series (Christine Lahti for playing "Grace McCallister", nominated)

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