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Publication information
Publisher Marvel UK
First appearance The Incredible Hulk Weekly #57 (April 1980)
Created by Dez Skinn
Steve Parkhouse
Paul Neary
John Stokes

Jackdaw is a fictional character featured in Marvel Comics publications.

Fictional character biography

A now-deceased hero, the sidekick of Captain Britain. Jackdaw was an Otherworld elf. Jackdaw had been mortally wounded earlier in his adventures, but was revivied by Merlin and given new powers and a new costume. He was permanently slain later on Earth-238 by The Fury. Jackdaw was literally torn in half by one of the Fury's energy bolts and immediately expired in Captain Britain's arms. Merlin did not resurrect Jackdaw as it would have damaged his chances of rescuing Captain Britain, who was killed by the Fury and resurrected by Merlin back on Earth-616.


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