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Genres Hip hop
Occupations Musician
Years active 2004–present
Labels TVT Records 2002–2004
Jack Movement Entertainment 2007 – present
Website []

Jacki-O (born Angela Kohn on November 23, 1975) is an American rapper from Miami, Florida, who is currently signed to Jack Movement Entertainment. She got her first break in 2003 with the bawdy sex rap "Nookie" which garnered the MC comparisons to fellow Southern rappers Khia and Trina. Although it was the first time that many had heard of Jacki-O, she kept a high profile prior to her radio and club success with several appearances on Miami-area mixtapes. The success of "Nookie" led Jacki-O to discuss a similar subject matter on her second single, "Sugar Walls," released in 2004 in anticipation of her debut album, Poe Little Rich Girl.


Music career

In 2003 Jacki teamed up with Poe Boy Entertainment to obtain a recording contract; in the process, she released her first mixtape, entitled [[The Official Bootlegg]]. It went on to sell over 50,000 copies and was downloaded over 100,000 times. Subsequently, she released her first music video, "Nookie", which became her biggest hit to date.

In 2004, Jacki-O was signed to TVT Records, whereupon she released another music video, "Fine", (featuring the Ying Yang Twins), as well as two more singles, "Slow Down" and "Sugar Walls". Her debut album, Poe Little Rich Girl, was released October 26, 2004, selling less than 100,000 copies. The next year, she filed for bankruptcy, reportedly in an attempt to be released from her contract with TVT Records and Poe Boy Entertainment. In late 2006, Jacki-O released her second mixtape, entitled Free Agent.

Her next mixtape, released two years later in 2008, was entitled Jack-Da Rippa and featured the singles "I Got Yo Man", "3rd Eye", "Cool It Now" and "Queen Of The South". This led to a recording contract with Gracie Records the next year, where she released Lil Red Riding Hood, featuring her newest single, "Baby Mama", as the lead-off track. Following this, she released a mixtape entitled BBBP (Bad Bitches Bang Pink).

Business career

Jacki-O has authored a book, entitled Grown & Gangsta.


Album information
Poe Little Rich Girl
  • Released: October 26, 2004 on Poe Boy/TVT Records
  • Chart position: #95 US
  • RIAA certification:N/A
  • Singles: "Nookie (Real Good)", "Fine", "Break You Off", "Slow Down"
Album information
Lil Red Riding Hood
  • Released: March 10, 2009 on Jack Move/Gracie/EMI
  • Chart position: #72
  • RIAA certification:
  • Singles: "Baby Mama"
Mixtape information
Official Bootlegg
  • Released: 2004 on Poe Boy
  • Singles: "Nookie (Real Good)"
Album information
Free Agent
  • Released: 2006 on Jack Move Entertainment
  • Singles: "Jacki” “Steal Yo Shit”
Mixtape information
Jack-Da Rippa
  • Released: 2008 on Jack Move Entertainment
  • Singles: "Hood Girl” “I Got Yo Man” “Cool It Now”
Album information
Bad Bitches Bang Pink
  • Released: 2009 on Jack Move Entertainment
  • Singles: “My Dawg” “Hey Hey Hey” “Pussy Kat” “More Than 70 Bars”
Year Song Top 100 Hot R&B Album
2004 "Pussy (Real Good)" - - Poe Little Rich Girl
"Fine" (featuring Ying Yang Twins) - 86
2005 "Break You Off" - -
"Slow Down" - 65
2008 "Baby Mama" - - Lil Red Riding Hood




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