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South Park episode

The Jakovasaurs: Jun-Jun (left) and Jakov (right)

Episode no. Season 3
Episode 5
Written by Trey Parker
Matt Stone
David Goodman
Directed by Matt Stone
Production no. 305
Original airdate June 16, 1999
Season 3 episodes
South Park season 3
April 7, 1999 – January 12, 2000
  1. Rainforest Schmainforest
  2. Spontaneous Combustion
  3. The Succubus
  4. Tweek vs. Craig
  5. Jackovasaurus
  6. Sexual Harassment Panda
  7. Cat Orgy
  8. Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
  9. Jewbilee
  10. Chinpokomon
  11. Starvin' Marvin in Space
  12. Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
  13. Hooked on Monkey Fonics
  14. The Red Badge of Gayness
  15. Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
  16. Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus
  17. World Wide Recorder Concert

Season 2 Season 4
List of South Park episodes

"Jackovasaurus"[1] is the 36th episode of Comedy Central's animated series South Park. It is a parody of the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace, which had been released under a month before the episode aired, and it expresses how Parker and Stone felt "betrayed" as Star Wars fans by how "stupid" they felt the character was.[2] The episode originally aired on June 16, 1999.



While the four boys are camping at Stark's Pond they hear something in the woods. They seek help from Stan's uncle Jimbo and his war buddy Ned, who has lost his voice box, and together they discover an unusual creature which resembled a humanoid duck which turns out to be extremely annoying to everyone in town with the exception of Cartman, who is enchanted by its antics.

The town has a meeting to decide what is to be done about the creature when representatives from the Department of Interior (DOI) show up and inform the townspeople that it is a near-extinct "Jakovasaur"[1], which they intend to use to repopulate the species. The townspeople name the creature "Hope" despite its name actually being "Jun-Jun".

Another Jakovasaur named "Jakov" makes itself known by seeking out Cartman and telling him he's looking for his wife Jun-Jun. Cartman, Kyle and Stan take Jakov to his wife in the barn where she is being held, but the townspeople hear them. Meanwhile, Jimbo brings Ned another voicebox, however he buys the wrong model and Ned is now forced to speak with an Irish accent.

It's decided that the Jakovasaurs are to be given their own home in the hope that they will breed. However, problems arise when it's determined that both Jakov and Hope lack any genitalia. Dr. Mephisto instead artificially inseminates Hope, and after a gestation period of only four days, Hope gives birth to an entire litter of baby Jakovasaurs. It's quickly determined that the Jakovasaurs are a major disruption to everyday life for the people of South Park. The DOI reps sent to help repopulate the Jakovasaur species decide to abandon their duties because of how annoying the Jakovasaurs are. They make Cartman an official "Department of Interior Person", telling him he has authority and people must respect it. The episode begins to outline some of the issues central to the various issues surrounding illegal immigration.

The townspeople come up with a way to get rid of the Jakovasaurs forever by rigging a game show so that Jakov will win a trip to France with "50 of his closest relatives." Because Jakov is so stupid, Barbrady actually wins, but everyone wants the Jakovasaurs gone. Cartman eventually realizes that the game show is a fix (when the boys disguise Kenny as an antelope, where a bear kills him) and runs to tell Jakov, but finds it's too late, arriving at the airport as the plane carrying Jakov and his family taxis down the runway and lifts off. The episode ends showing the Jakovasaurs on tour in France looking for "the pyramids" when Jakov trips and crashes into a cafe full of French people. Rather than getting annoyed, the French people instead laugh and remark on how he reminds them of Jerry Lewis.


The episode was produced just weeks before the release of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and its production ran concurrently with the movie's post-production, a process which the show's creators described as "hell".[2] The episode aired on June 16, 1999, the same day that Trey Parker was putting the finishing touches to the movie's sound mix.[2]

As of 2009, this is the only episode which Matt Stone both wrote and directed.

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