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Jacky Wong Shu Hei (王樹熹), also known as Jacky Zai, is a Hong Kong child actor. Born on 1998-Sep-11. Star sign is virgo. He has an older brother, Jeffrey Wong (王秉熹), which is also a HK child actor. Currently studying in S.K.H Yuen Chen Maun Chen Primary School (大埔聖公會阮鄭夢芹小學) located at Tai Po in Hong Kong. He film many dramas in Hong Kong and was famous for his cuteness.


  • The Conquerer's story----Man Jai=2004
  • The Last Breakthrough----Bok Jai=2004
  • The Gateux Affairs----Ko Bun=2005
  • Misleading Track----Yuen Yun Lok=2005
  • Healing Hands 3----Hei Hei=2005
  • Hidden Treasures----Cheuk Chun Hien=2005
  • Always Ready ----Jacky=2005
  • The Herbalist's Manual ----Hang Hang=2005
  • When Rules Turn Loose ----Cheung Wai Ming/Siu Yuen Tze=2005
  • The Ten Brothers ----Sap Yat Jai(ep 20)=2007
  • War And Destiny ----young Hau Yee=2007
  • The Family Link ----Fong Dat=2007
  • Devil's disciples ----young King Lui=2007
  • Fathers and Sons ----Man Yu Hang,Jimmy/Jimmy Jai=2007
  • Men Don't Cry ----young Ho Kei Kin=2007
  • The Ultimate Crime Fighter ----Lok Lok (Moses Chan's newphew)=2007
  • Wasabi Mon Amour ----Tam Ka Lok=2008
  • The Master of Tai Chi ----young Mo Ma=2008
  • Love exchange ----Sik Gwong Jai=2008
  • Last One Standing ----Billy Jai-2008
  • Just love 2----Ho Ming/Ming Jai=2009
  • A Watchdog's Tale----Random Kid=2010


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