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Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali (born 1 November 1943 in Algiers, Algeria) is a French economist and scholar. From 1981 to 1991, he was an advisor to President François Mitterrand. He subsequently cast doubt on Mitterrand's past as a mid-level Vichy government functionary in his retrospective of Mitterrand's career, C'était François Mitterrand, published in 2005.

In April 1991 he became the first President of the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the financial institution established by western governments to assist the countries of eastern and central Europe and the former Soviet Union in their transition to democratic market economies. He worked at the bank until 1993.

In 1998 Attali founded the French non-profit organization PlaNet Finance which focuses on microfinance.

Attali is perhaps best known in America as the author of Noise: The Political Economy of Music.


  • Cannibalism and Civilization: Life and Death in the History of Medicine (1984)
  • Noise: The Political Economy of Music (1985) Translated by Brian Massumi. Foreword by Fredric Jameson, afterword by Susan McClary. University of Minnesota Press ISBN 0-8166-1287-0.
  • "A man of influence: Le destin d'un homme d'influence S.G. Warburg (1987)
  • Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming Order (1992)
  • Labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pathways to Wisdom (1999) Translated by Joseph Rowe. North Atlantic Books ISBN 1556432658
  • Karl Marx or the thought of the world (2005) - original title: Karl Marx ou l'esprit du monde
  • Les Juifs, le Monde et l'Argent, Histore économique du peuple juif (2002) Fayard (The Jews, the World and Money, an Economic History of the Jewish People) ISBN 2253155802
  • C'était François Mitterrand (2005) Fayard
  • A Brief History of the Future (2006) Arcade Publishing ISBN 1559708794 - original title: Une Brève histoire de l'avenir
  • La crise, et après ? (2008) Fayard ISBN 2213643075

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Jacques Attali (born 1943-11-01) is an economist and scholar. He was an advisor to French President François Mitterand.


  • What is called music today is all too often only a disguise for the monologue of power. However, and this is the supreme irony of it all, never before have musicians tried so hard to communicate with their audience, and never before has that communication been so deceiving. Music now seems hardly more than a somewhat clumsy excuse for the self-glorification of musicians and the growth of a new industrial sector.
    • Quoted in Classic Essays on Twentieth-Century Music, ed. Richard Kostelanetz and Joseph Darby (Wadsworth, 1996, ISBN 0-028-64581-2)

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