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Jacques Chardonne (born Jacques Boutelleau in Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire, Charente on January 2, 1884; died in La Frette-sur-Seine on May 29, 1968) is the pseudonym of French writer Jacques Boutellau.


Early life and career

His mother was an heiress to the Haviland porcelain dynasty and his brother-in-law was of the Delamain cognac dynasty. This informed his trilogy Les Destinées Sentimentales.[1] He was a leader of the Hussards and held in high regard for the award-winning Claire.

World War II

He supported collaboration with the Vichy and in 1940 produced "Private Chronicle 1940", which favored the submission of Europe to Adolf Hitler.[2] After World War II he was denounced for Nazi collaboration[3] and spent time in prison.[4] In an article titled Jacques Chardonne et Mein Kampf the "Frenchness" of his writing was also questioned.[5]

Death and rehabilitation

He died in 1968 after efforts to restore his image. By the 1980s anti-totalitarian journalists like Raymond Aron began to reappraise collaborationist authors like Chardonne.[6] In 1986 his award-winning "Claire" was made into a TV film[7] and in 2001 Olivier Assayas adapted Les Destinées Sentimentales to film.[8]




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