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Jacques Rose (born 1947) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was a member of the Chenier Cell of the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) terrorist group whose members were responsible for a decade of bombings, kidnappings, murders and armed robberies that culminated in a series of events known as the October Crisis of 1970.

Jacques Rose's involvement in the Quebec terrorist group began in 1968 after a meeting his brother Paul had with Jacques Lanctôt, a member of the FLQ, during an anti-Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau) rally at the St. Jean Baptiste parade.

During what became known as the October Crisis, on October 5, 1970, members of the FLQ's Liberation Cell kidnapped the British Trade Commissioner James Cross, from his Montreal home as part of a violent attempt to overthrow the elected government and to establish a socialist Quebec state independent of Canada. On October 10, Jacques Rose, along with his brother and Chenier Cell leader, Paul Rose, Francis Simard and Bernard Lortie, kidnapped and later murdered Quebec Vice Premier and Cabinet Minister, Pierre Laporte. Believing many others would follow in an uprising, their goal was to create an independent state based on the ideals of Fidel Castro's Cuba.

Jacques Rose was acquitted of both the murder and kidnapping of Pierre Laporte. However, he was later convicted of being an accessory after the fact and sentenced to eight years in jail. He was granted full parole on July 17, 1978. He now owns a contracting business and continues to be an active supporter of the Quebec sovereignty movement.



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