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Born November 14, 1799(1799-11-14)
Virpur, Gujarat, India
Died February 23, 1881 (aged 81)
Virpur, Gujarat, India
Spouse(s) Virbai Thakkar
Parents Pradhan Thakkar,Rajbai Thakkar

Jalaram was a Hindu saint from Gujarat, India]. He was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, India in 1799, on the seventh day of the Kaartika month.

Jalaram was a devotee of Lord Ram.


Jalaram Bapa was however not willing to live household life and to continue to do business of his father. He was mostly engaged in serving Pilgrims, sadhus and saints. He separated himself from his father's business and his uncle, Valjibhai asked Jalaram Bapa and Virbaima to stay in his house.

It was obvious that Jalaram Bapa was inclined to completely withdraw from marital life. Fortunately his wife, Virbaima decided to follow the path of Jalaram. So, when Jalaram decided to go for a pilgrimage for holy places like Ayodhya, Kasi, Badrinath and several other sacred places. Virbaima followed him.

At the age of 18, Jalaram Bapa accepted Shree Bhojalram from Fatehpur as guru and was given a "Guru Malaa and Mantra" in the name of Shree Ram. With blessings of his guru, he started "Sadavrat" a feeding centre, a place where all sadhus and saints as well as the needy could have food any time during 24 hours. Nobody returned from that place without having food. All this he did single handed with Virbaima assisting him. Soon his fame spread as an incarnation of the divine. Whoever come to Virpur, whether Hindu, Muslim or any Religion was fed by Bapa. This tradition of feeding people continues to this day in Virpur, Gujarat. Devotees have offered so much money to the temple in the past, that the temple is no longer taking any more donations.

At a time when God himself in the guise of a Saint told Jalarambapa to donate his wife Virbaima to serve him, after having deep sight in heart Jalarambapa actually donated virbaima(with her concent there to). After reaching somewhere in forest a saint asked virbai ma to wait for him but he never came, this was followed by Akashwani stating that it was only to test hospitality of the couple, then God came and gave blessings.

Many devotees of Jalaram have experinced that if they pray to Shree Jalaram Bapa from the depth of their heart, he kindly gives his blessings to them and fulfill their wishes. These experinces are known as "Parachas".

Jay Jalaram Bapa

Jalaram Jayanti

Even today Jalaram Bapa's birthday (the seventh day of Kartik month) is celebrated as Jalaram Jayanti. On this day various groups of Jalaram devotees feed the food as prasad. This happens at a lot of Jalaram temples throughout India & abroad as well. Jalaram Jayanti is observed on the seventh day after Diwali.

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