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Jalayirid Sultanate

Division of Ilkhanate territory
Capital Not specified
Government Monarchy
 - Established 1335
 - Disestablished 1432
Faravahar background
History of Greater Iran
| until the rise of modern nation-states |
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Kings of Persia

The Jalayirids (آل جلایر) were a Mongol Jalayir dynasty[1] which ruled over Iraq and western Persia [2] after the breakup of the Mongol Khanate of Persia (or Ilkhanate) in the 1330s. The Jalayirid sultanate lasted about fifty years, until disrupted by Tamerlane's conquests and the revolts of the "Black sheep" Turks or Kara Koyunlu . After Tamerlane's death in 1405, there was a brief attempt to re-establish the sultanate in southern Iraq and Khuzistan. The Jalayirids were finally eliminated by Kara Koyunlu in 1432.

Rulers of Jalayirid Sultanate

  • Hasan Buzurg (1336 - 1356)
  • Shaikh Uvais I (1356 - 1374)
  • Hasan (1374)
  • Husain I (1374 - 1382)
  • Bayazid (1382 - 1383)
  • Ahmad (1383 - 1410)
  • Shah Walad (1410-1411)
  • Mahmud (1411-1415)
  • Uwais II (1415-1421)
  • Mohammed (1421-1422)
  • Mahmud II (1422-1424)
  • Husain II (1424-1432)

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  1. ^ Bayne Fisher, William "The Cambridge History of Iran", p.3: "(From then until the Timur's invasion of the country, Iran was under the rule of various rival petty princes of whom henceforth only the Jalayirids could claim Mongol)
  2. ^ The History Files Rulers of Persia


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