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Jamaica Constabulary Force
Jamaica Constabulary Force emblem.png
Serve, Protect and Reassure
Established 1716
Jurisdiction Jamaica
Sworn about 8,598 officers
Stations Area Headquarters: 5

Division Headquarters: 19

Stations: About 190

Recruiting Centres: 4

Commissioner Acting Commissioner Owen Ellington

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is the police force of the island nation of Jamaica. The establishment of the JCF is 9,930, plus fifty five (55) supernumerary positions, making a total of 9,985, but the current strength is 8,441. The current commissioner is Acting Commissioner Owen Ellington.

Approximately 49 police officers have been killed in the line of duty since 2002.



The Force is that arm of the Ministry which is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the investigation of alleged crimes, the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of all criminal laws as defined by the Jamaican jurisdiction. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) also provides general assistance to the public as the case may arise. By adhering to their Citizens Charter, the JCF endeavours to satisfy citizens through general service as well as through the impartial, transparent enforcement of law and order.


The history of police in Jamaica began in 1716 when night watchmen were appointed to serve the cities of Port Royal, Kingston, and the parishes of Saint Catherine and Saint Andrew. In 1832, the first attempt to establish a permanent police force began. William Ramsay was appointed Inspector General of the police force in 1835. This police force of sorts continued service until the year 1865, which was the year the Morant Bay Rebellion took place. This rebellion showed the vulnerability of peace and law on Jamaica, and caused the establishment of a new, improved police force, called the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The Force began operation with 984 members under the management of an Inspector General appointed by the British Governor to the island. This new police force continues to carry out police duties to the present day.

Organisational units

Jamaica Constabulary Force has a total number of 45 Organisational units. All 45 Units can be viewed at: Organisational Units

Here are 15 such Organisational Units in the Jamaica Constabulary Force:

Bureau of Special Investigations

Child Abuse & Sexual Offences

Marine Division

Motorized Patrol

Mounted Troop


Special Anti Crime Task Force

Traffic Headquarters

Constabulary Communication Network

Canine Division

Band Division

Administration and Support Services

Special Branch

Remand Centre

Fraud Squad

Rank structure

There are 11 ranks in the JCF. They are (In order of highest to lowest):

Acting Commissioner Owen Ellington as of November 7th 2009 continues to wear one laurel wreath on each shoulder strap, as he was an Assistant Commissioner prior to his appointment;

  • Deputy Commissioner (one laurel wreath and two stars on each shoulder strap)
  • Assistant Commissioner (one laurel wreath on each shoulder strap)
  • Senior Superintendent (one crown and one star on each shoulder strap)
  • Superintendent (one crown on each shoulder strap)
  • Deputy Superintendent (three stars on each shoulder strap)
  • Assistant Superintendent (two stars on each shoulder strap)
  • Inspector (two metal bars on each shoulder strap)
  • Sergeant (three chevrons on right sleeve)
  • Corporal (two chevrons on right sleeve)
  • Constable (no badge assigned)

Badges of rank

Gazetted ranks

Rank Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Senior Superintendent
Rank Superintendent Deputy Superintendent Assistant Superintendent

Non-gazetted ranks

Rank Inspector Sergeant Corporal Constable
Insignia --> Jamaica Constabulary Force emblem.pngNo badges assigned


The uniform for the ranks of Constable through Sergeant

Blue/black serge trousers with red stripes down each seam, worn with either a white and blue striped short-sleeved shirt. The headress is a black peaked cap with a red band.

The uniform for the ranks of Inspector through Commissioner

Light khaki jacket, shirt and trousers, with epaulettes on the shoulders. A blue/black cap is worn with a black band and silver braiding on the peak. The Headress for Inspectors is a black peaked cap with a red band

A white high collared tunic is sometimes worn by all ranks on ceremonial occasions, with the blue/black peaked cap and trousers.


Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are trained at the Jamaica Police Academy in Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Recruits undergo the minimum of 8 months, Basic training.

Students are required to sit three (3) written examinations and twelve (12) practical tests. They are exposed to on-the-job training through visits to selected police stations and R.M. Courts. On completion of basic training, they are transferred to various Divisions where they are placed under the direct supervision of the Divisional Training Duty Sub-Officer, to continue their two (2) year probationary training.

At the end of 18 months service, probationers are sent back to the Jamaica Police Academy for an additional five weeks of training. Thereafter, they return to their divisions to complete the probationary period.


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