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James Arnold Taylor
Born James Arnold Taylor
July 22, 1969 (1969-07-22) (age 40)
Santa Barbara, California
Occupation Voice Actor
Spouse(s) Allison Taylor
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James Arnold Taylor (born July 22, 1969, in Santa Barbara, California) is an American voice actor and the current voice provider for Fred Flintstone and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.




Notable roles

He provides the English voice work in Square Enix's popular video game, Final Fantasy X, as the voice of Tidus. He is also known as the voice of Ratchet in the popular Ratchet & Clank video game series from Insomniac Games, (except for the original game, in which Ratchet was voiced by Mikey Kelley); as well as Leonardo from TMNT. Taylor's other large roles include the role of Wooldoor Sockbat on the Comedy Central animated series Drawn Together, voice acting for both Captain Jack Sparrow and Timon in Kingdom Hearts II, and providing the voices for many characters in The Animatrix. He reprises his role as Tidus in the action/fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy. He also starred in the 2004 mockumentary Comic Book: The Movie, his only live action role to date. He played the role of the Agori Berix in the recent direct-to-DVD film, BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.

Star Wars

James Arnold Taylor is very notable for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars series as the voice double for Ewan McGregor. He first started doing the voice of Obi-Wan for The Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. He had done some voice over work of actor Ewan McGregor doing an American voice in the past — he has such a wide range, and both he and Ewan have very similar tones. So he had auditioned for the Obi-Wan micro-series role not knowing what it was for because they were so secretive about it, as they should be. Then from there he played Obi-Wan for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, as well as the video games Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith , Battlefront II, and other Star Wars video games. As he continued to play the role of Obi-Wan, he went back to the roots of the character Obi-Wan as voiced by Sir Alec Guinness.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series he also provided the voice of Plo Koon in the stlye of Ian McKellen, Barb Mentir in the episode "The Gungan General", Bannamu in Lightsaber Lost, as well as some Death Watch Mandalorians in The Clone Wars. He is the only actor, voice or otherwise, to have portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi more than 3-4 times in the Star Wars saga.

He also plays an uncredited voice-role as Jedi Master Ferroda in the video-game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.

Fred Flintstone

Taylor is the current voice of Fred Flintstone in commercials featuring the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character (i.e., Midas car care; Cocoa Pebbles cereal, etc.). He also voiced Fred in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Drawn Together.

Marvel Comics

He also is the voice of Iceman in Marvel and Activision's games, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance; the voice of Quentin Beck/Mysterio in the video game version of Spider-Man 2; and the voice of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Battle for New York and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe.

DC Comics

Taylor is voice-acting as Green Arrow in the new Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon, on Cartoon Network. He also voice-acted as Guy Gardner And Voices Captain Cold in Direct-to-video film Justice League The New Frontier.

As a voice double

Taylor has also worked as a voice double for actors such as David Spade, Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane, Billy Bob Thornton, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Walken, and even Charlie Adler as the Fallen.

Live-Action Work

Although had no insperation to be an on-camera actor, he started in the movie Comic Book: The Movie, as himself in physical form as well as reprising his voice role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in live table reads of Star Wars: The Clone Wars stories at comic-cons.

Personal Life

James Arnold Taylor is married to Allison Taylor. They have a young daughter who does lots of voices with him. She talks about Obi-Wan all the time. [1]


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