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James Gunn's PG Porn
Format Humor, Satire
Created by James Gunn
Brian Gunn
Sean Gunn
Developed by James Gunn
Brian Gunn
Sean Gunn
Theme music composer Tyler Bates
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of series 1
Executive producer(s) James Gunn
Producer(s) Stephen Blackehart
Peter Safran
Editor(s) Peter Alton
Running time 2.5 to 5 min.
Original channel Spike.com
Original airing October 8, 2008
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James Gunn's PG Porn is a web series created by the brothers James Gunn, Brian Gunn, and Sean Gunn. It consists of a series of pornography spoofs, with a humorous event occurring just before the supposed commencement of sexual acts. Each episode pairs a mainstream actor with a pornographic actress or model. The tagline is, "For people who love everything about Porn...except the sex."

The initial episode premiered on Spike.com and received over a million hits in a week, and was featured on Entertainment Weekly's The Must List.[1] Spike subsequently picked up the series for an additional 11 episodes.[2]

The project has, however, not been without controversy. The Huffington Post condemned the first episode for glorifying violence against women.[3]

According to James, they developed the idea in the early 2000s, before short-term Internet-based sketch comedies became popular. Stephen Blackehart of The Good Boys Productions produced the show with Jake Zim and Peter Safran of Safran Digital Group (SDG) for Spike.com.[4]



All episodes are directed by James, and have a score by Tyler Bates.[5]

Episode 1: Nailing Your Wife

Episode 2: Peanus

Episode 3: A Very Peanus Christmas

Episode 4: Roadside Ass-istance

Episode 5: Squeal Happy Whores

Notes: This video is not hosted on Spike.com. In James Gunn's words this was "Because the head of Spike Network FREAKED OUT on the, uh, raunchiness of the content and pulled it down." The video is available on James Gunn's website.[6]

Episode 6: Helpful Bus

Episode 7: High Poon

Episode 8: Genital Hospital


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