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Janel Horton
Ring name(s) Alere Little Feather
Nav-a-Ho (WEW)
Billed height 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Billed weight 110 lb (50 kg)
Born October 15, 1978 (1978-10-15) (age 31)
Long Island, New York
Resides Worcester, Massachusetts
Billed from Shinnecock Indian Reservation
Trained by Rapid Fire Maldonado
Debut May 2003 vs. Simply Luscious
Website AlereLF.com
Alere Little Feather at MySpace

Janel Horton is an American professional wrestler and manager, known by her ringname Alere Little Feather, who competes in North American independent promotions including CHIKARA, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, National Wrestling League, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, Women's Extreme Wrestling and World Xtreme Wrestling. [1] Among those she has managed on the independent circuit include Mana the Polynesian Warrior, The Great Samu and Sonjay Dutt.



Born in Long Island, New York, Horton was a wrestling fan growing up often watching WWF Superstars and sometimes attended World Wrestling Federation events held at the Philadelphia Spectrum. She was also a fan of the original incarnation of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Although her interest waned as a teenager, she was reintroduced to professional wrestling during the WWF's "Attitude Era" becoming a fan of The Rock and D-Generation X.

Becoming interested in a career as a female wrestler, she began researching wrestling schools and eventually contacted independent wrestler Steve Corino who was promoted wrestling events in her area. Corresponding with Corino via e-mail, she met with him at one of his local shows. Although he was unable to train her at the time, given his limited schedule traveling between the United States and Japan, he recommended Horton to World Xtreme Wrestling veteran Rapid Fire Maldonado and she began training at his "IWA Cruel School of Professional Rasslin" in June 2002. During her training, she was assisted by numerous wrestlers including Afa, Ricky Reyes, Antonio "The Promise" Thomas and Kevin Landry among others. [2] She would also attend wrestling dojos training with Terry Funk. [3]

Although she made appearances as a valet while training, she would make her professional debut against "Luscious" Ronnie Stevens in May 2003. Later that year, she began wrestling for World Xtreme Wrestling fighting to a no contest in a 10-man tag team match with Tracy Brooks, Ariel, April Hunter and Cindy Rogers against Tara Charisma, Sumie Sakai, Ranmaru and Luscious Lilly. She would later team with Cindy Rogers defeating Tara Charisma in several tag team matches with Luscious Lilly and BellaDonna. She would also feud with Tara Charisma while in independent promotions teaming with Cindy Rogers against Charisma and various partners including Luscious Lily, BellaDawna and Ariel. She and Rogers also faced her in 6-women tag team matches as well dominating their single matches which often included 4-way and 6-way matches. [4]

In early 2004, Horton defeated Luscious Lily in a battle royal to become the first UWA Woman's Champion. Her victory over Lily would eventually result in a major feud between the two culminating with Luscious Lily defeating Horton for the title in July in part due to interference by special guest referee Tammy Lynn Sytch accompanied by Chris Candido. On June 26, with special referee Joe Rules, she received a rematch against the UWA Women's Champion teaming with Cindy Rogers and Shannon LeVay against Luscious Lily & The Killer Babes (April Hunter & Nikki Roxx). After Luscious Lily pinned Shannon LeVay, Cindy Rogers turned against her tag team partners attacking Horton and LeVay following the match. [5] [6]

Invited to participate as the only female tag team to compete during CHIKARA's World Tag Grand Prix, [7] Little Feather and Allison Danger were eliminated in the opening rounds by Arik Cannon & Claudio Castagnoli on February 18, 2005. Several months later, she appeared on the Chris Candido Memorial Tour as part of a mixed Royal Rumble-style battle royal which included numerous male and female wrestlers from USA Pro and World Xtreme Wrestling including Johnny Candido and Balls Mahoney. [8]

On June 5, she participated in an 8-woman championship tournament to crown the first NECW Women's Championship. Eventually won by Mercedes Martinez, other participants included Violet Flame, Jade, Cindy Rogers, Luscious Lily and Riptide. Winning the PWF Mayhem Women's Championship, she eventually lost to NECW Women's Champion Nikki Roxx in Somerville, Massachusetts to unify both titles to create the World Woman's Wrestling Championship on August 13, 2006. [9]

Championships and accomplishments

  • National Wrestling League / House of Pain Wrestling Federation
    • NWL/HoPWF Ladies Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Debbie Sue
  • Pro Wrestling Unplugged
    • PWU Women's Championship (1 time)[10]
  • Stars and Stripes Championship Wrestling
    • SSCW Women's Championship (1 time)[11]
  • United Wrestling Alliance
    • UWA Women's Championship (1 time)


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