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Japan Football Association
Association crest
Founded 1921
FIFA affiliation 1929
AFC affiliation 1954
President Motoaki Inukai

The Japan Football Association (日本サッカー協会 Nippon Sakkā Kyōkai ?), also known as the JFA, is the governing body responsible for the administration of football in Japan. It is responsible for the national team as well as club competitions.

The organisation was founded in 1921 as the Greater Japan Football Association (大日本蹴球協会 Dai-Nippon Shūkyū Kyōkai ?), and became affiliated with FIFA in 1929. In 1945, the name of the organisation was changed to the Japan Football Association (日本蹴球協会 Nihon Shūkyū Kyōkai ?); its Japanese name was changed to the current title in 1975.

The symbol of the JFA is the Yatagarasu, a mythical three-legged raven that guided Emperor Jimmu to Mount Kumano. Yatagarasu is also the messenger of the supreme Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu[1].

Football in Japan is one of the most popular sports. After the very successful Asia cup, beating China 3-1 in the final, Japan beat Iran 2-1 and qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.



Japan has one of the highest sponsorship incomes for a national squad. In 2006 their sponsorship income amounted to over 16.5 million pounds Primary sponsors include Kirin, Adidas, Sony, Saison Card International, FamilyMart, Fujifilm, JAL, and Nissan. [2].

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