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Jason Everman
Birth name Jason Everman
Born August 16, 1967 (1967-08-16) (age 42)
Origin Kodiak, Alaska
Genres Rock
Alternative rock
Occupations Musician, Army Ranger, Student
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Nirvana
Mind Funk

Jason Mark Everman (born August 16, 1967 in Kodiak, Alaska) is an American guitarist who played with Nirvana and Soundgarden. Everman is currently studying philosophy at Columbia University.[1]



Everman joined Nirvana in February 1989 as a second guitarist. He is listed as being second guitarist on Nirvana's Bleach, but did not actually play on any of the tracks. Nirvana founder Kurt Cobain said the credit was a token of thanks to Everman for paying a fee of US$606.17 to record the album.

Everman toured with Nirvana the summer of 1989 in support of Bleach. He can be heard playing guitar on Trust No-One, an unofficial release of a live performance in Boston, MA. Cobain had broken his guitar the previous night and only provided vocals, leaving the guitar playing to Everman. During his time with Nirvana, he could sometimes be seen using Fender guitars, generally the Fender Telecaster.

A two-song Nirvana session featuring Everman on guitar is available, albeit in separate releases. A Kiss cover called "Do You Love Me?" was released on a tribute album[2] and "Dive" was released on 2004's With the Lights Out. Both tracks were recorded at Evergreen State College's 24-track studio in June 1989.


Everman left Nirvana in July 1989 and joined Soundgarden the following year as Hiro Yamamoto's temporary successor on bass. In April 1990, he played on the band's cover of The Beatles' "Come Together", which appeared on an EP called Loudest Love. Everman appeared in Soundgarden's Louder Than Live home video. Everman left immediately after Soundgarden completed its promotional tour for Louder Than Love in mid-1990 and Soundgarden found Yamamoto's ultimate successor, bassist Ben Shepherd.

Later life

Everman's subsequent projects included a stint on guitar in Mind Funk. In September 1994, influenced by Renaissance icon Benvenuto Cellini (who stated that a well-rounded man is an artist, warrior and philosopher), he left Mind Funk to join the Army 2nd Ranger Battalion and the Special Forces, serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.[3] After receiving an honorable discharge in 2006, Everman went on to enroll in philosophy courses at Columbia University.[1][3]


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