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Jason Morgan
Steve Burton as Jason Morgan.
General Hospital
Portrayed by Quinn Carlson
Bryan Beck
(1983 - 1986)

Steve Burton
(1991 - present)
First appearance 1982
Spin-off appearances GH: Night Shift
Aliases Jason Moore
(birth name)
Jason Quartermaine
Gender Male
Occupation Mobster / Enforcer
Residence 122 Harbor View Drive, Penthouse #2
Port Charles, New York

Jason Morgan (born Jason Moore, then Quartermaine) is a fictional character and the current main protagonist on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift. He is one of the longest-running characters on the show, having been played by various actors since the character's birth in 1982.[1] The role is currently played by Emmy Award winning[2] actor Steve Burton, who joined the cast in 1991.[3]


Casting and creation

Burton joined the cast in 1991[4], making his onscreen debut on December 19, 1991 and becoming the third actor to portray Jason Morgan since the character made its debut in 1983[4]. Upon casting Burton, though, Jason was "aged" several years for storyline purposes. Burton left the show in January 2000 to pursue other opportunities, but made multiple guest appearances from 2000 to 2001. He returned to the show full-time in May 2002.[4] In October 2008, Burton's contract had expired and had to make a decision on re-signing with the show. After month's of speculation, he announced in a public appearance that he re-signed with the show. Burton stated that he would be willing to take a pay cut because he understands that money is a lot tighter now than it has been in recent years and stated that he is blessed to have a job right now.[4]

At that time, I was really contemplating leaving the show because I wasn't working a lot and I wasn't feeling it. That's when Maurice [Benard, Sonny] came to me and said, "Hey, listen, you're good. You've got something there. We just need to work on it a bit." Then I got fired up again about acting and started, [still] as Jason Quartermaine, working with Maurice on my stuff. I guess the writers started seeing something that was happening and they had the idea of making me a new character and basically starting from scratch. It has been a great journey for me as an actor and for me, personally.

- Steve Burton on the creation of Jason Morgan[5]


Childhood and Adolescence

Jason was conceived out of his father, Alan Quartermaine's, affair with Susan Moore. When Jason was born, Alan supported him financially but was fighting for custody over his other son. Jason had lived with his mother and Scott Baldwin up until her death upon which he moved in with Alan and Monica. Jason and A.J. were sent off to boarding school as children.

When a newly SORASed[6] Jason and older brother A.J. returned, Jason, who was a successful student and athlete was treated as the family favorite while A.J. was failing and dealing with alcoholism. Jason had relationships with Karen Wexler, Brenda Barrett, and Keesha Ward (whom he lost his virginity to)[7] who A.J. also loved. Jason had supported Monica through her health crisis and adored his adoptive sister, Emily Quartermaine.

In December 1995, an intoxicated AJ ran his car into a tree. Jason, who had been attempting to stop AJ from driving, was in the passenger seat and hit his head on a large boulder after being ejected from the car. To spare AJ, his cousin Ned Ashton claimed responsibility for the accident. Jason suffered brain injuries that resulted in total memory loss.

Upon waking up from his coma, Jason had no recollection of his past and resented all the Quartermaines except his grandmother and Emily. He became Sonny Corinthos's enforcer in his mob business and began to date Robin Scorpio. Due to the fact that Robin was HIV-positive, Jason began to sleep with Carly Roberts but Jason chose to be with Robin instead. Jason and Carly still remained friends. Jason, working for Sonny, discovered that drugs were being imported, which caused his sister, Emily to collapse. Due to the fact that the mob was too much for Robin, the couple split up but Jason held a promise never to be romantically involved with Carly.

To help Carly, Jason pretended to be the father of her baby so that neither of the two men that she slept with could take her baby away. Robin returned to Port Charles and Jason confessed that the child was A.J.'s according to a paternity test but would still like to be the child's father until Carly could take care of her son. Jason and Robin reunited and made love for the first time.

After Robin was almost killed in an explosion, Jason left the mob. Carly was released from the hospital and began to put a strain on Jason and Robin's relationship. Robin told AJ that he was Michael's father in an attempt to free Jason and the baby from Carly. This sent Carly into a depression and left town. Jason and Michael bonded over this time but Jason temporarily lost custody of Michael. AJ and Carly married, and a judge awarded joint custody to Jason, Carly, and AJ. Jason feared his hatred of AJ would hurt Michael and signed away all rights. He remained a big part of Michael's life and they are very close.

Jason began comforting Elizabeth Webber over the death of her boyfriend. Carly misunderstood their relationship and slept with Sonny. Jason was unable to deal with the betrayal of Sonny and Carly, and left town. Sonny and Carly began a real relationship, which Jason eventually accepted.

Relationship woes

Jason was forced to protect Sonny's sister, Courtney Matthews, when she was being stalked by A.J. Quartermaine. Jason and Courtney began a relationship which they had to keep secret, fearing Carly and Sonny's disapproval. After Luis Alcazar was murdered, Brenda and Jason became the prime suspects and were forced to wed to refrain from testifying. They divorced soon after, and Sonny discovered Courtney and Jason's affair which led to him firing Jason. Sonny eventually gave his approval, however, and Courtney and Jason became engaged. However, on the night of their wedding, their best friend Carly was kidnapped.

Courtney was pregnant, but lost the baby when trying to escape from Lorenzo Alcazar. Eventually, she and Jason married in France but due to the mob lifestyle, they divorced.

Jason and Sam McCall were arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny. Jason offered her a million dollars to leave town when he discovered that Sonny and Sam had had an affair while he was married to Carly. Sam refused and moved in with Sonny. Sonny and Carly reconciled, but Jason discovered that Sam was pregnant with Sonny's child. She was planning on leaving town but Jason convinced her to stay, with Jason pretending to be the father of Sam's baby in order to protect Sonny and Carly's reconciliation. They even almost got married, but Sam called off the wedding at the altar because they didn't love each other and she still had feelings for Sonny. However, Sonny and Sam's daughter was stillborn. Jason and Sam eventually began a relationship, falling in love and getting engaged. They almost adopted a baby named Hope but that fell through.

When all three of Sonny's children were kidnapped, Jason and Sam worked together to discover that A.J. Quartermaine and Faith Roscoe were the kidnappers. Jason and Sam decided to move to Hawaii after the crisis ended. In late November 2005, Sam convinced Jason to go on an experimental drug that Robin Scorpio founded that would help him regain his memory. The drug worked but this caused a brain aneurysm, and Robin and Patrick Drake were forced to operate on him. Although Jason initially refused, Sam and Carly managed to change his mind, and helped him regain his life.

Jason and Sam later discover that Sam's mother is Alexis Davis. Although Sam wanted to have children, she was shot with a bullet meant for Jason, resulting in her inability to become pregnant again. Sam slept with her mother's husband, Ric Lansing, to cause her mother grief but Jason walked in instead. Jason slept with Elizabeth Spencer, which resulted in a pregnancy. They agreed to let Lucky believe he was the father in order to protect their child from the mob.

Jason also had to come to terms with Sonny dating his sister, Emily. The relationship drove a wedge between Jason and Sonny, and Jason took over Sonny's business entirely without Sonny's consent. This resulted in a fist fight between the two that a teary-eyed Emily had to break up.

Jason's estranged father Alan died in early 2007 during the Metro Court hostage crisis, just as they were beginning to rebuild their relationship. Jason took his death hard, and privately confided to Monica during the memorial service that he had flashes of good childhood memories of Alan and that he regretted all the years he pushed him away.

Mob entanglement

Elizabeth gives birth to a son, Jacob Martin Spencer, in May 2007. Sam watches and says nothing when she sees Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jake, being kidnapped. Jason and Sam's relationship ends, and Jason recovers his son with the help of Amelia Joffe. Jason and Elizabeth admit their love as her marriage dissolves. Jason reveals Jake's paternity to Lucky at the Black and White Ball. Lucky and Sam agree to keep the secret, and Elizabeth and Jason begin to meet secretly. They become engaged but when Michael is shot, Jason ends their engagement. He had asked Elizabeth to go to Italy with him, but the shooting of Sonny's fiance the trip is cancelled.

A war with the rival Russian mob began to escalate in November 2008. Jason agrees when Lucky proposes sending Elizabeth and the boys, along with Sam, to hide in a cabin in the woods. During a shootout with Russians who had followed the women to the cabin, Jake is kidnapped once again. Sam returns with Jason to search for Jake, and they return him safely to Elizabeth. Jason and Elizabeth once again vow to never see each other again for the safety of the boys.

Jason denies Sonny access to the organization when he wants it back. In order to regain his power, Sonny becomes head of the Zacchara organization by marrying Claudia Zacchara. Jason is later offered a blanket of immunity by Agent Rayner if he informs on Sonny Corinthos and Anthony Zacchara, but he refuses to give up Sonny. After Spinelli was set up by a geeky undercover agent named Winifred Leeds, he was arrested for his illegal activity. Jason is forced to agree to Rayner's deal to gain Spinelli's freedom. Jason asks Sonny to quit working with the Zaccharas, but Sonny refuses. Spinelli is freed from the FBI's hold when Sam, with the help of Winifred, destroys all the evidence against him. Jason and Sonny reconcile, and Jason is more than happy to give Sonny back the business.

Jason obtains evidence that Claudia Corinthos is responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason is also dealing with Carly Corinthos and her unstable son. In May 2009, his nephew Michael Corinthos wakes up from his year-long coma, but due to brain damage he is now an aggressive 17-year-old. Jason refuses to allow Michael's request to join his father's business and agrees with Carly that Michael should live at the Quartermaine Mansion for his own good. Jason resumes a friendship with Sam, who has partnered with Spinelli in her quest to start a private investigation firm.

Spending time with Sam

When Michael and Kristina run away because both teenagers each believed themselves to be the driver responsible for Claudia's car accident that resulted in the loss of her unborn baby, Jason and Sam take off to Mexico after them. A resurfaced Jerry Jacks manages to capture Sam, luring Jason into a trap. During the ensuing shootout, Jason is pinned beneath a pile of rubble and Jerry taunts Jason with lies about Claudia's innocence before shooting him twice and leaving him for dead. While trapped Jason hallucinates Michael, Kristina and Carly separately. Sam escapes and returns just in time to rescue Jason and takes care of him. He thinks he's in Hawaii and they sleep together. Jason and Sam find Michael and Kristina in Cancun, Mexico, and bring them back to Port Charles a few days later. Jason tells Sonny about his altercation with Jerry and about Jerry's claims of Claudia's innocence in Michael's shooting.

Sam and Jason attend the carnival together. Jason sees Jake and Elizabeth at the Merry-go-Round. As Jason and Elizabeth make eye contact Jake runs off. The carnival takes a chaotic turn when Jason's grandfather Edward Quartermaine has a drug-induced heart attack and passes out behind the wheel, plunging his car down the carnival midway. Jake is injured at the carnival. Jason and Elizabeth spend a few minutes together worried about Jake. While at the hospital, Jason witnesses Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing, and ends up at Sam's apartment, ostensibly to discuss his concerns about how Liz separating from Lucky would affect Jake's care.

Jason and Spinelli find the proof they need to bring Claudia down on Michael's shooting. When he brings the evidence to Sonny, Claudia is brought down in front of Port Charles by Sonny for getting Michael shot. She kidnaps Carly, who is pregnant and goes into labor just as Claudia escapes. Jason heads out and bursts into a cabin with a woman and two children. He heads back to his penthouse to regroup. Jason and Sam go looking for them, but Michael finds them first and kills Claudia. Sam takes Carly and her newborn baby to the hospital, while Jason helps Michael deal with killing Claudia. Jason and Sam exchanged "I love yous" right before Christmas. Sam spent Christmas with her mother and sisters while Jason was alone.

Sam, Lulu and Carly are taken by the artist Franco. Jason saves Carly first. Franco finally confesses where he is holding Sam and Lulu Spencer. Jason calls Dante Falconeri to save Lulu, while he goes after Sam. Sam was never in actual danger, but Jason feels bad when it is believed that the only bomb Franco set has killed Lulu and Dante. Thankfully they survive and Jason is now in arguments with Sonny on how to handle Claudia's death and Franco since he left town giving Jason a warning that he will kill for every person Jason kills. Carly officially asks Jason to be Josslyn's Godfather, and although he first tries to get out of it for Josslyn's protection he finally agrees.


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