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Spoken in Java, Indonesia
Language extinction 20th century
Language family Creole language
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2 crp
ISO 639-3 jvd – tentative [1]

Javindo, also known by the pejorative name Krontjong, was a Dutch-based creole language spoken on Java, Indonesia. The name Javindo is a portmanteau of Java and Indo, the Dutch word for a person of mixed Indonesian and Dutch descent.

It should not be confused with Petjo, a different Dutch- and Malay-based creole also spoken in Indonesia.

Further reading

  • De Gruiter, Miel (1994). "Javindo, a contact language in pre-war Semarang". in Peter Bakker & Maarten Mous. Mixed Languages: 15 Case Studies in Language Intertwining. Amsterdam: IFOTT. pp. 151–159.  
  • De Gruiter, Victor Emile (1990, 1994). Het Javindo : de verboden taal. Den Haag: Moesson.  


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