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Acharya Jayantsen Suri (Hindi (आचार्य जयंतसैनसुरी) (born 1936) is an important Jain Acharya. He belongs to the Soudhrma Vrahatta Tapagachcha's sub sect of the Tristutik gachcha of Shvetambar sect of Jainism. His full name is Acharya Vijay Jayantsen surishvar ji. He is the sixth successor Acharya of Acharya Rajendrasuri. He is the 74th tradinational successor of Ganadhar Sdharma Swami and the current Acharya of Tristutik Tapa Gachcha. He has written several books on Jainism.


Jayantsen Surī is an Indian Jain scholar, poet, and polymath who wrote on grammar, philosophy, prosody, and contemporary history. He was Noted as a prodigy by his contemporaries. He was born in Peparal, Gujarat (about 10 km south west of Tharad), to Swaroopchanda Dharu'Jain' (father) and Parvati Devi (mother). They named him Poonam chandra. The Jain temple of Tharad Tirtha is located at his birthplace.

In 1953 A.D. as a young man, Poonam chandra was initiated as a monk at a Jain temple of Siana (Rajasthan) village in Jalore district in Rajasthan, and he took the name Muni Jayant Vijay (Jayant Vijay) by Acharya Yantindra Suri, The following Acharya of Acharya Rajendrasuri. He is trained in religious discourse, philosophy, logic and grammar.

In 1983, at Bhandavapur Jain Tirth in Rajasthan, he was ordained into Acharya of Tristutik Gachcha, sub sect of the Shvetambara sect of Jainism and was given the name Acharya Vijay Jayantsen Suri. He walked more than 170,000 km across India for prominent work of Jainism. He appealed to the masses by delivering his discourses in simple dialects of the people, the common spoken languages of the masses — Malwi, Gujarati, Marwari, English, Tamil, Telugu etc. He inspired the Jain monks to study profoundly the Jain scriptures. He himself is devoted to the deep study of Jain works. He was bitterly opposed to the storage of Jain works in isolated places; he eagerly desired to bring them to light for the propagation of Jainism. He himself wrote, collected, and edited certain important Jain works.

He is honoured by the vice President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma, on 8 December 1991 in Jaora by conferring the title Rashtra Santa (National saint) upon him.



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