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Jeanne Harley Guillemin (born 1943) is a medical anthropologist, a Professor of Sociology at Boston College and a senior fellow in the Security Studies Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is also co-head of the National Library of Medicine's HealthAware Project at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. She is best known as an authoritative and unbiased writer on the history of biological warfare.

She is married to noted Harvard geneticist and molecular biologist Matthew Meselson. In the early 1990s, she collaborated with her husband and others to investigate the notorious Sverdlovsk anthrax leak in Russia, later detailing her experiences in a book.


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  • Guillemin, Jeanne Harley and Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, Mixed Blessings: Intensive Care for Newborns, Oxford University Press, 1986.
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  • Guillemin, Jeanne, Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism, Columbia University Press, 2005.

Guillemin wrote introductions to new editions of:

Guillemin edited:

  • Guillemin, Jeanne (ed.), Anthropological Realities: Readings in the Science of Culture, Transaction Publishers, 1980.


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