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Variations of words Jabal, Jabel, Jebal, Jebel, Jbel, Djebel, Jibal, etc. have been used for the Arabic word "Jah-BAYL" meaning "mountain, hill or slope" (as elevations). The words have been used to name many mountains, places, people, or others:


Genesis 4:20: "And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents."


Mountains and mountainous regions


  • Djebel (1937-1958), race horse

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JEBEL (plur. jibal), also written Gebel with hard g (plur. gibed), an Arabic word meaning a mountain or a mountain chain. It is frequently used in place-names. The French transliteration of the word is djebel. Jebeli signifies a mountaineer. The pronunciation with a hard g sound is that used in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic.

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