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Tai-Da Vrikaurvan (tay-da vri-ck-or-van)or other known as Tai is one of many Jedi Realists throughout the world. He starting his Jedi training at a young age of 12. He was a boy from Scotland who lived a normal life with his Mother, Step Father, Brother and Sister. He was still at school when he started training therefore his studies at school made it a little more difficult for training as a Jedi.

Tai-Da started of training under a Jedi Instructor who was the administrator of a big Jedi Website He went though some of the basics but was very arrogent and impatient. Eventually he became so impatient and focust on titles he stop training as a Jedi and turned to the dark side. From then on he was named Lord Xerebus. He trained not for long after stopping his Sith training. After he stopped his training he turned back to the Jedi path.

He started his training under a "Jedi Guardian" and began studying all aspects of the Jedi path. He had many teachers teaching him on different aspects of training. He was more on physical side of training but he still had training in the other aspects to. Late on in his training he stopped being a Jedi Guardian and decided to study in all aspects. He stopped training under his main teacher and started to train on his own.

Jedi Tai spend a year doing personal study but never found a solid form of study. Eventually Tai found a mentor who took him to the end of his apprentice training. At the start of 2010 he became a Jedi Knight. Jedi Tai was one for writing in his own books with what he learns and teaches. In Febuary 2010 he took on his first apprentice Jedi Sara-Lou.

Jedi Tai can be found today in many places.


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