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Jeff Lynne is an English rock musician who is probably best known for his involvement in Electric Light Orchestra; he is also notable for his work and production with other artists including Tom Petty and Roy Orbison. He has collaborated on projects with one or more members of The Beatles.


Beatles influence

The Beatles were a major influence on Jeff Lynne. In 1968, while performing with the Idle Race Lynne met The Beatles during the making of "the white album". Years later Lynne admitted "To be in the same room as the four of them caused me not to sleep for, like, three days”. The original aim of ELO was to take up ”where the Beatles’ I Am The Walrus had left off, and to present it on stage”. Indeed, John Lennon had called them the "Sons of the Beatles". [1]

Critics often compared Electric Light Orchestra to The Beatles and they were often criticized for "ripping off" the band. Lynne admitted that he ”was very influenced by the Beatles’ sound of ’68 and ’69. That has obviously been a big influence on the way I’ve looked at songwriting” and said that being compared with The Beatles was the "Ultimate compliment".[2]

Working with George Harrison

Lynne worked with Harrison very closely in the late eighties. In 1987 he produced the Cloud Nine album, Harrison's first since 1982's Gone Troppo. Before the release of This Is Love, the third and final single from Harrison's highly acclaimed album, his record company asked him to record a B side for the song. Deciding he needed help, Harrison gathered some of his musician friends, eventually resulting in the formation of the Traveling Wilburys. Lynne was a member of the supergroup along with Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison. Harrison and Lynne contributed to the writing of all Wilburys tracks including Handle with Care, Wilbury Twist and End of the Line.

Time Takes Time

In 1992 Lynne was at the helm of Ringo's critically acclaimed album Time Takes Time. The album featured a track called "Weight of the World" which got considerable airplay. Critics called it Starr's best album since 1973's "Ringo".

With the Beatles

In 1994 Jeff Lynne was approached by the remaining three Beatles to help them produce their "new" songs and restore John Lennon's vocals from poorly-preserved mono tapes containing some unfinished Lennon demos that they were given by Yoko Ono. The songs were Free as a Bird and Real Love. McCartney admitted he was worried over Lynne being chosen as producer saying "He's such a pal of George's. They'd done the Wilburys, and I was expecting him to lead it that way. To tell you the truth, I thought that he and George might create a wedge, saying, 'We're doing it this way' and I'd be pushed out." [3]. Free as a Bird later won a Grammy [4].

Flaming Pie

George Martin and Lynne co produced McCartney's 1997 Flaming Pie album. Upon its May 1997 release, the critical reaction to Flaming Pie was very strong, with McCartney achieving his best reviews since 1982's Tug of War. The commercial reaction was everything McCartney could have hoped for. With fresh credibility even with young fans who had been introduced to him through the Anthology project, and anticipation raised with the excellent reviews, Flaming Pie debuted at #2 in the UK and US, giving McCartney his first US Top 10 album since Tug of War. In both countries, the album was the biggest entry in its initial week. [5]

Brainwashed and Concert for George

Harrison began work on Brainwashed in 1988, with "Any Road" having been written by Harrison during the making of a video for This Is Love off the Cloud Nine album, and would continue to do so in a sporadic manner over the next decade and a half. After recuperating from his December 30, 1999 knife attack in his home by Michael Abram, Harrison focused more on getting his album finished, simultaneously sharing his ideas for all its details (from the sound of the finished songs to the album's artwork) with his son Dhani — information that would ultimately prove very valuable.[6]. After Harrison's death in late 2001 Lynne and Dhani completed production. PopMatters called the album "a rich musical treasure trove well mined in execution and production". Rave reviews were also given by Allmusic - "Brainwashed isn't just a success, it's one of the finest records Harrison ever made" [7]. In late 2002 Lynne took part in a special tribute, concert for George, performing The Inner Light, I Want to Tell You, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) and collaborating with Petty and the Heartbreakers on Handle With Care. When Harrison was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Lynne joined Petty in a performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.[8]




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